Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Days to go, Latest Belly Pic, Weekly Exercise and Nutrition Update, Other stuff


Latest belly pic -

Me at 38 weeks, don't think there been alot of growth in the last 3 weeks although he is definitely heading on down and settling in so the belly wouldn't look bigger in that case.

Week 37-38 Preggers
(Tuesday 2nd Feb – Monday 8th Feb 2010 )

Tuesday – Bodyvive
Wednesday – Bodypump
Thursday – Bodyvive
Friday – Outdoor Powerwalk – 45 Mins
Saturday – Bodyvive & Bodyattack
Sunday – Rest Day
Monday – Bodyvive

6 Cardio based sessions & a Bodypump
Approx 20 mins of Functional strength work included in each Bodyvive class

Still eating very well, increased fat calories to try and see an increase on the scales and this did help with a slight rise. Really happy with overall weight gain at this stage considering the gain I had with previous pregnancies, it seems the older you get the wiser you get!! J

Feeling / Emotions
Tired in the afternoons but when I’m 38 weeks pregnant and still working a part time job, teaching Group Fitness still and looking after two kids, I reckon I can feel a little tired in the arvo!
Feeling great about finishing my GF Management role on Friday at nearly 39 weeks, probably should have finished a week or so ago but hey if I am able then the extra weeks money is good.
Still teaching for a bit longer and do my last class 2 days before due date, may look to cover the last 2 classes so I finish 5 days before instead.


Other stuff

I get to see my mumma and step dad in 12 days!!!!!!! OMG I am so excited although I think I may be greeting them with babes in arms not in be!!!!

I'm sure hes coming sooner although this could be in my head and my other two have been overdue so I'm preparing for the long haul although the midwife will probably do a Stretch and sweep at my 40 week appt so if successful as with previous bubs I shouldn't go to far over.

Had to attend a random extra appt on Monday due to being called in by the family Birth Centre Doctor. They go through your notes thoroughly at 38 weeks to assess that you are still ok to birth there and not having to go to the main hospital.

Well they had record of a previous pregnancy related Heart Murmur and wanted me checked as no-one had this pregnancy.
As it turns out I do have one showing again but it isn't a concern to the doc due to the stats recorded through pregnancy, how active I am and have been and the fact bubs is all good.
BP was good at 90/50 and bubs is 3/5 engaged.

I have a few things in my hospital bag now but really should get it all sorted asap.
All bubs washing is done. Got all the little things now and just need to pack it all.

Still got a list of household jobs to get through, mainly cleaning and organising so will attempt to get stuck into those after Friday when I finish work and will see if a Marathon cleaning sesh can't bring on a few contractions!! :)

We are down to 3 names now but there is a clear leader that the kids and we love and it has been used a few times!!! so just gotta meet the little fella and see which one suits him the best. I CANNOT wait to meet him and am so excited about being a mum again and this time a full time mum to all of them.

Anyway, over and out for now, off to bed soon to lay there awake waiting to see if anything starts!!! HOW SAD!!!

Shar xx


Chelle said...

Wow girl, you look amazing at only 12 days to go!!! Good on you for keeping up your training and eatin well. I'm sure you will bounce back from the birth in record time! Hope it all goes well =)

LizN said...

Shar, so proud of you being such a fantastic role model for a fit your work.
Here's to an easy, fast and timely delivery!

Liz N

Hilary said...

Wow, how exciting - not long to go now at all!! You are looking fabulous, fingers crossed your little man doesn't keep you waiting too much longer!

Hilary xx

Frankie said...

hee hee how exciting!!! Can't believe you're still working so hard at 38 weeks! I was knackered and could hardly walk by the time I left work at 34 weeks. Felt like a bowling ball was trying to get out of my uterus! close xxx

ss2306 said...

Shar you look absolutely stunning, beautiful and gorgeous.

Good luck with the birth. Will be eagerly awaiting your news.

Nicole said...

You look absolutely FAB Shar!! How exciting - not long now until your little one arrives :) Can't wait to meet him!! I wish I didn't have to wait so long for ours to arrive LOL! Enjoy Nicole xx

Tara said...

Shar you look beautiful!! I can't wait to see pics of your darling baby boy. Good luck with the next week and a bit. Enjoy the rest of your pg and put your feet up babe.

hugs, Tara xx

Bec said...

You look gorgeous Shar, you are glowing. You have been an awesome role model exercising and eating so well throughout your pregnancy. Well done :) Can't wait to meet him!! xox

Kek said...

Wowee, look at you! You should be the poster girl for healthy pregnancy.

I'm sure everything will be great for you - you're so well prepared.

Miss Tank said...

love and hugs your way Shar - you look stunning - can't wait to see pics of your lil man xx

joni_123 said...
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