Thursday, January 28, 2010

26 days to go, Exercise and Nutrition Report 35-36 wks, Check up appt and latest belly pic


Week 35-36 Preggers (Tuesday 19th Jan – Monday 25th Jan 2010)

Tuesday – Bodyvive
Wednesday – Rest Day
Thursday – Trained -TRX / Bodyvive
Friday – Rest Day
Saturday – Bodyvive
Sunday – Outdoor Powerwalk – 45 mins
Monday – Bodyvive

5 Cardio based sessions this week & 1 TRX Resistance Circuits
Approx cal burn in BV class – 350 – 450 now, harder on the Heart Rate moving this belly around.

Trying to keep up my calcium serves per day still from Raw Milk , Organic Cheese and Bio-Dynamic Organic Natural Yoghurt.
Raised my total calories this week as advised and had a 0.2kg increase in weight!! WOOHOO.
Should still be a bit more so same process this week, more cals via good fats, have been having Nuts, Avocado, Salmon, Coconut Oil etc.

Feeling / Emotions
Starting to get to the ‘exhausted by arvo’ stage but think alot of this is sleep related, I actually think I am sleeping better or maybe that I am getting used to being so restless, going to the loo 3 x per night etc etc so think I’m sleeping better?


36 Week Check Up
All good, saw a new midwife from the team so that's 2 of 5 seen, hope we get different one at 38 weeks, then at 40 then Ive done 4 of 5, whats the betting I'll get number 5!! :)
Paul and I had a chat about it and its all good either way, they don't have a alot of intervention and you are pretty much left alone to labour if you want to be, I plan on being in the bath and that's cool with it just being me and Paul. Just want midwife around for the actual pushing and birth.

BP is its normal low self, bubs is lying just right, his heartbeat is bang smack in the mid of normal, movement is still frequent and strong and touch wood this will be how it all stays.

Here's the latest belly Pic and it added to the progressive belly growth pic from 35 Weeks so a week and a half ago.

So all is good and why wouldn't it be?
I am very lucky to have such a wonderful soul to
share my life with and have been blessed with my
gorgeous babies, all 3 of them.


Dianna Broeren said...

You've cut your locks off! Your belly looks BEAUTIFUL! I really hope you've been hanging that out for the world to see over summer.

Can't wait to see your little man!

Nicole said...

Not long now!! How exciting!! xx

Sam D-M said...

You are Bell-e-licious!

Right, I want one too ;)