Wednesday, January 13, 2010

41 days, Exercise & Nutrition Weekly Update, Nesting has begun and having a 'Contented baby'


Week 33-34 Preggers
(Tuesday 5th Dec – Monday 11th Jan 2010 )

Tuesday – Bodyvive
Wednesday – 60 Min Outdoor Walk
Thursday – Bodyvive
Friday – Bodyvive
Saturday – Bodyvive
Sunday – Rest Day (if you can call nesting all day rest!!)
Monday – Bodyvive

6 days training this week.
Back to walking and Bodyvive. Teaching challenges me a lot more than participating in classes and Bodyvive for the 55 min class is averaging 380 – 420 cals burnt per class for me, its creeping up the more preggers I get, obviously my systems have to work harder and harder.

Good week this week, probably need to eat a bit more having put my week into writing to e mail to my preggy nutritionist. Have also had instructions to up my calcium quite a bit from this week due to the skeletal development that takes place during this phase.

Feeling / Emotions
Feeling great in general, happy I’m sitting well with my weight to come in just under the guidelines for healthy preggers weight gain. Never looked into it in past two pregnancies, hence the 25-35kg weight gains I had!!! Not this time, which will make for a happier Shar after birth.
Got to focus on sleep, the disturbed nights are playing havoc with my energy. I fully know what its like to have a baby waking up through the night and I need to get used to it, but there’s a purpose to that, waking up for the loo 2-3 times per night or because you have a numb leg due to pressure on your hip cause you have to lay on your side is pissing me off!!! Oh well not long to go, small price to pay for my bubba boy :)

NESTING HAS STARTED!! All day on Sunday I was hemming curtains, 4 pairs to be precise, Paul put up the curtain track in Bubbas bedroom, we had a clear out of some more stuff and it felt great!!

I have brought some blackout / sun out curtain materiel for the bubbas bedroom which my friend is going to hem for me as that's a bigger job and I'm not that great with sewing.
The reason for the blackout is that being on 3rd bubba and finding out what was good what wasn't quite so good with the first two kids when they were babies, I am giving 'The Contented Baby Book' routines and principle a go to help implement a routine and get bubs sleeping through sooner than 12 months old!!!
For me if sleep is of and ok (6-7 hours) duration and quality I can function in every other aspect.

Among other things, Gina Ford - author of the book insists babies sleeping space is as dark as possible to help distinguish sleep time from awake time, making a strong sleep/bedtime association.
So we have a curtain track no pole as it sits closer to the wall and doesn't let light in, we have gone longer past the window so as to limit the glimpes of light down the sides!! Obviously the other bonus to these curtains is that it will limit heat from the sun.
Yesterday I also washed and scrubbed down my 2nd pushchair down and dried it in the sun. I got this one locally 2nd hand. They are a fortune new, this one was in great condition and is a great option for walking which I will be doing alot of. So I after I basically dismantled the seating unit so I could get in all the nooks and crannies, a wash and scrub, dried in the fresh air, purchase a nice pushchair liner to make a little more accommodating to a baby baby, I am happy
its as good as new for my walking mission that will begin after birth.
The nursery is nearly there too, will post some pictures soon.


Lauren said...

Hi Shar, thanks for stopping by my blog. And I have the same mentality in regards to the Sunday night thing. That is what I will be trialling.

So glad to see that I am not abnormal, well amongst you girls I'm not!

Happy nesting!!

Hilary said...

I've got that book too Shar, and I'd love to implement it but I'm at a bit of a loss how to when I have a baby that just flatly refuses to go to sleep sometimes, for 6 or 8 hours! I think she is hyperactive like her daddy :) LOL!

Sounds like nesting has fully kicked in, not too much longer to go!

Hilary xx

Alicia said...

That book sounds interesting - might have a look at it myself :) I have to agree with the sleep, if I get 6 good hours I feel fine, if I have 8 crappy house I feel like shite :(


Andrea said...

Hi Shar - I have the old version of that book and kind of followed some of the principles - like the blockout curtains. We probably tried to use her routines at around the 4 - 8 week mark but it didn't really work for us. He would wake up after 40 minutes and then be tired again an hour and a half later. He did get better at around 3 - 4 months - but then he got sick and it kind of ruined everything. He still doesn't sleep through now! But I can handle getting up twice in the night - just not 6 times.

LizN said...

I found Tresillian invaluable for help with sleep but Miss G was amazing with sleep, I just used to put her down and walk out and she would settle herself.. amazing.

The other one - dreadful - I've had both sides....