Friday, January 8, 2010

46 days, Birth Centre Check Up, 32-33 wks Training & Nutrition Update and Wonferful Evolved Shar (WES)

Days (approx) til we meet bubba boy. Kids are excited, Bryce loves feeling him move and kick as they are so strong at the moment.

Had my 33 week check up at the Family Birth Centre on Wednesday. Each visit I get to meet a different midwife from the team (yellow) I have been allocated too, she was very nice and I had a few questions this time and she answered them fully and was really good with Maddi who had to come with us this time.

After doing all the normal bits - BP, urine, weight, checked in with how my moods/emotions were, tape measured from pubic bone to top of uterus, she asked Maddi if she wanted to hold the doppler to hear bubba boys heart rate, all good, she then asked to hear Maddi's heart, it was sooooo cool to hear Maddi's and the bubba, heaps of difference in speed and Maddi's was so strong, Haven't heard hers since I was pregnant with her! Maddi was so chuffed.

Anyway after we sat back down the midwife just stated that everything is excellent and I have pretty much the text book pregnancy. This is soooo good to hear and although I worry constantly (just natural I think?) I feel blessed I have had nothing to actually worry about and the process so far has been a dream, I feel great compared to last pregnancies for a number of reasons and I am sure the after birth experience is going to be smoother this time due to that. So for the next 6 weeks I just have to hope everything stays on track and bubba continues to grow strong.


Week 32-33 Preggers (Tuesday 29th Dec – Monday 4th Jan 2010 )


Tuesday – Rest Day / Wednesday – 60 Min Outdoor Walk / Thursday – Bodycombat /

Friday – 60 min Outdoor Walk / Saturday – Bodyattack / Sunday – Rest Day /

Monday – Bodyvive

5 days training this week. Changed it up a bit and did Bodycombat and Bodyattack, I am absolutely dying to get back to Bodyattack.
Weather is holding hot now with no real dips so when I go out walking I have to go early which is more limiting, may have to utilise the treddie again, but that way I can control my HR a bit more with consistent speed and incline.
Although 'watch' this space, I have a new toy coming!!

All back on track, scales reduced a little this week, must be the system clearing out the bloat from Chrissie treats, bubba biggest growth now so gotta expect the scales creeping up soon.
Paul did measure my hips and I have lost 5cm from last measure!! gotta be pleased with that.

Feeling / Emotions - Still feeling good with the whole preggy thing although back is starting to play up and sleep is difficult, but all part of the journey so you just adapt.


When Katie posted this back in October I was fascinated with the concept and had a go for myself.

I do truly feel I am working my way to the WONDERFUL EVOLVED SHAR (WES), I have made alot of changes, I am still making changes currently and I still have planned changes to implement. Its a slow process and that is where I have slipped up before, trying to change everything (habits/behaviours) all at once, be perfect, all or nothing, give 100% or nothing.

Thinking in the mindset of 'what would the WES do in this situation?' really helps me to STOP, PROCESS and ACT in a rational, informed and empowered way. Please go and read if you haven't already and let me know if start to use your WONDERFUL EVOLVED SELF to implement changes. Lastly, Thanks to the W E Katie for sharing this concept on her blog.

Have a great Friday everyone!!


KatieP said...

You're more than welcome my darling -- I am so happy you are discovering peace ♥

Frankie said...

So glad you're enjoying your pregancy so much (after that whole spewing thing at the start!). I worried a LOT and know how comforting it is after every check up to hear everything is going fine.

SOOO exciting Shar. What a great example you've been. I was a big lazy lump when I was preggers!