Wednesday, January 20, 2010

34 Days, Weekly Exercise and Nutrition Update, Family Birth Centre

34 Days til Due date.

Week 34-35 Preggers (Tuesday 12th Dec – Monday 18th Jan 2010 )

Tuesday – Bodyvive
Wednesday – Rest Day
Thursday – Rest Day
Friday – Rest Day
Saturday – Bodyvive / Bodyattack
Sunday – Outdoor Walk – 35 mins
Monday – Bodyvive

5 sessions this week.
Had to take a few rest days this week, listened to my body. Not sleeping, its hot and my classes are taking most of my energy as they get harder week by week.

Feedback from last week from nutritionist was to up my calcium serves per day due to the skeletal development that takes place during this phase, so I am now hitting 3 serves per day.
Raw Milk , Organic Cheese and Bio-Dynamic Organic Natural Yoghurt.
Also was to up my total calories and add in some extra good fats, my food totals are OK but due to exercise (my job) and the fact it is challenging me more, the deficit that it is creating is more. So I need to up them more as my scale weight is not increasing (should be slight increases each week at this stage) nor is it holding, I’m still actually losing slight amounts each week, in fact this week was more than slight, so have to really focus on getting the fats in, I love being told to eat more!
One importent inclusion at this stage of preganancy not only for good fats but for Lauric Acid which is very importent in breastfeeding is Organic Coconut Oil - read here for the benefits whilst breastfeeding for benefits even if not pregnant and breastfeeding I have included below.

Feeling / Emotions
A little irritable (or just in the late stages of pregnancy?) and a lot of this is sleep related I think. Still got to focus on getting more, no better this week and the temps Perth are having aren’t helping, 42.9 yesterday and 42.7 today, WT!! My other two pregnancies were winter due dates in the UK!!!! Might have to sleep in the lounge with the Air Con tonight as the low is sitting at 24-26 degrees and that’s not until about 4am.


My Birth Choice - The Family Birth Centre - KEMH Perth
Well we actually managed to getto the Multi- refresher evening last night at the Family Birth Centre where we will have bubba boy.
Basically It is for parents in their 2nd or 3rd in our case pregnanacy.
You get to hear everyones past birth experience, the midwife comments on how it would / may be dealt with differently in the Birth Centre etc.
She also covered, when to call, when to go in, their approach - which if you have done your research is minimal intervention and natural active birth hence the reason for choosing there over a hospital, the minimal pain relief choices they do offer, length of stay, the role of your support person/people and procedures at due date as you cannot be induced there.

I had a few questions answered just listening and feel great about the whole thing. Originally we were booked at the Hospital but when attending my first appt there at 20 weeks started crying in the wait room! I knew I did not want to be in that setting.
I researched a little more and gained a refereal to the Birth Centre, THANK GOD!!!

Its located in the hospital grounds, so if a transfer is needed it take 1 min to move you, medical teams available or if you are unlucky enough to hit 42 weeks you would have to do the hospital for an induction, in saying that the midwife last night says thats very unlikely that will occur as they have lots of tricks they start trying :)
It has 4 rooms, which are quite large, each with own bathroom, huge shower, seating area, big bed (NOT a hospital bed!) sofa and chairs for family, crib, outdoor patio area and just a generally realxing open feeling.
Pain relief offered is only - Water by way of the huge birthing bath - which from my birth with Maddi is straight where i'll be heading when in the throws of the contractions and maybe I'll stay there this time, I laboured there then got out to push last time. Gas and Air. Morphine, on occasions they use this depending on your situaton, has to be given only if you have longer than 2 hours left before delivery or if labour has been long and you need to rest.
Length of stay can be anywhere from a coupl eof hours after birth to max of 24 hours from birth time.
You can basically have how ever many people in the room as you want, including kids!! and for the record I have asked Bryce (14) and got a very funny stare back!!! :)
Maddi is keen but I feel she should just be in the kids play area/family lounge area ready to come in once her brother has made an appearance.
Of course Paul will be there everystep of the way and I'm tryingto get him in the pool with me, but I think hes keen to do the same as last time and hang over the side or be behind me.
If my mumma makes it off the plane, I don't come early and isn't caught up with maddi, which we can sort out as my step dad could have her, I would love for her to be there for the birth too, fingers crossed.
I love going there for my appts and get a great feel from the place and the midwifes, I am actually looking forwaard to labour.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and why the demand is growing for it?

New research is verifying that organic extra virgin coconut oil is the best oil for your health, weight managenment and has the potential to cure many of the ailments that have manifested in our bodies through having a highly refined diet.

Aclara Health Pty Ltd is dedicated to bringing to you the wonderful health benefits of organic extra virgin coconut oil.

What Coconut Oil DOES NOT do:
it does not increase blood cholesterol level
it does not contribute to heart disease
it does not contribute to weight problems
it does not contain trans fats & is NOT hydrogenated

What Coconut Oil DOES do:
it supports healthy metabolic & thyroid function that promotes weight loss.
it Coconut oil is the only natural source of beneficial Lauric acid other than human breast milk
it has a mild delicate flavor.
it is highly resistant to spoilage due to the antioxidant nature of the oil it is heat resistant (the healthiest oil for cooking).
it helps prevent premature aging it functions as a protective antioxidant which may reduce risk of cancer and degenerative conditions.
it supports immune system function.
it helps prevent bacterial, viral, and fungal (including yeast) infections.

Extra Virgin coconut oil is not the same as inferior Copra (or Cophra) oil which is produced under industrial conditions with high heat, requiring bleaching,deodorizing and refining to produce an edible product.
Extra Virgin coconut oil (VCO) is produced under low heat conditions (< 27 degrees C) from fresh coconut, retaining a natural fragrance and taste. It also retains all the inherent qualities associated with its remarkable chemical makeup, qualifying it as the healthiest and most stable food oil on the market.
Coconut oils chemical structure remains intact and resistant to mutations when heated to high temperatures making it the safest oil to use for cooking. It has a long shelf life because it is so stable.

Have a great day everyone, Shar x


Flea said...

Oh whoopie you're in Perth too!
Hi Shar, I was browsing Frankie's blogroll today to find some fitness blogs and came across yours.

All the best with your bubby on the way, sounds like mine, I have 2 in H/school and 1 starting PP as well, biiig gap, you'll get told that ALOT!

But great fun!

KEMH is great! All the best!

Dianna Broeren said...

I have really enjoyed following your bubba journey Shar. Can't wait to "meet" the little one! I everything runs smoothly for you for the countdown.