Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nesting Continues, Rest Days ,some 'Baby Stuff' pics and a new blog

Nesting Continues
So yes the nesting has continued pretty much all week, have been sorting and throwing lots of my crap away, it feels good to throw stuff away hey?
Had 3 bin bags of mine, Maddi's and Bryce's clothes and took them to the clothes bank.
Continued hemming curtains and also took the Sun/Black out material down to my friends to be hemmed and finished. Hung those last night and yes it is dark, just have to get Paul to finish the track length for overlap and bubba boys bedroom is done diddly done done!!

Rest Days
Had to take a few days rest this week, the heat was getting me and I didn't feel 'quite right' IYKWIM.
So have had a few days with no classes/extra exercise (apart from nesting) and a arvo nap and all good again, was back to exercise again yesterday, I actually did 2 classes :o Bodyvive then Bodyattack, powerwalk this morning early as its forecast 40 degrees here today! one class in the morning then that's another week complete.
I'm have been really listening to my body recently hence taking the rest days this week and I find the whole journey fascinating. I'm also really in a better place both mentally and physically this pregnancy for the period following birth.
I have been more focused this preggers on keeping my fitness up (important for labour and post natal period), continuing my classes (as thats what I love and that makes me happy), eating a wide variety of foods with guidance from nutritionist about what food types etc are important and when in bubba development, actually been told to up my food this week!! good food of course, but more food is always good! :)
I have also been monitoring (NOT OBSESSING.... it is different) my weight following guidelines taken from my pre-pregnancy weight not just general guidelines for everyone.
Also looked periodically - 12 weeks, 20 weeks and 34 weeks at my bodyfat via skinfolds, obviously only the skinfolds you can get an accurate reading from in preggers, not abdominal or supra reading :)
Both are sitting well at this stage of preggers......more on that in my weekly report on Tuesday.

Baby Stuff
As promised, here's a few Baby stuff pics. I have the Mammut range from Ikea, quite funky and cool and not traditional. Ive got the wardrobe to which is great with extra storage, perhaps I'll take a pic of the inside as its quite full! :)

A New Blog - I have done lots of researching, reading and have been working with a nutritionist whilst pregnant. As I have previously said it is an area that interests me alot (even when I'm not pregnant) and I have lots of bits and bobs I want to share but obviously not applicable for everyone to read. So back in June 09, yep June 09!! I set another blog up with the intention of putting some of the info in there and didn't get round to it.

I have finally started to post bits in there, so if your preggers, thinking of becoming preggers, know someone that is pregnant or are post natal please drop by and have a read, maybe even let me know if there's anything in particular you want put up or any questions we can post and put out there for all to respond to.

COME VISIT - THE PREGNANCY PLACE :) ( the link is on my sidebar too)

Anyway, thats about it from me for today, have a great weekend, Shar.


jodie said...

Hi Shar
Countdown is on! Getting exciting now. I love your furniture, very funky. cool blog about pregnancy. I tried to leave a comment but it wouldn't work. Just wanted to say that I fully recommend a routine. I put Logan on a routine at about 5-6 weeks and it worked. We are reaping the rewards now, hard work but worth it in the end. Especially for his sleep. He sleeps right through from 7pm to 7am and has done since 4months. But it is like everything you have to do what works for you. I read a number of books and took bits from each of them.
Anyway, just wanted to say good luck, love your blogs!!

Andrea said...

Would love to hear more about the kinds of things you have been doing with the nutritionist Shar!