Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I've been MIA for a few weeks!!! but with good cause.
I have been sooooooo busy, all good stuff and one of them being my GFM role and setting up our
open weekend that we just had.
We launched all our new release and I have to say BODYATTACK 64 might have to be my all time Fave release!!! BIG statement I know, got lots of fave individual tracks but as a whole release goes, this may be it so far!!!
I love the poster above, especially apt after plyo lunges and in particular the leg conditioning track from this release.
I have still been catching everyone else but choosing to spend my 'spare' time reading instead of blogging myself. Will do a update soon though, all good in Shar's world.
Have a great Wednesday everyone........and if you get a chance get your self to a great Bodyattack Instructor and do the new release. :)
Shar x


RaeC said...

Yeah right... like you of all people need leg conditioning Miss "Legs Eleven" (and twelve, and thirteen)... LOL!! Great to hear all things are going well for you xxx

Frankie said...

Hi Shar. Good to see you back. I'm doing a bit of that myself at the moment - reading and not blogging. Sometimes it's just easier. :)

Trudi said...

Unreal Shar,
You doing any classes in Subi? Would only go to the best instructor in Perth!!!
Hey thanks for your comment. THinking about that goal now. luv Trudsxx

Kek said...

Love the poster, Shar ...it almost makes me want to go do a class. Almost.

LOL - I hate group fitness. It's just not me. I really admire you instructor gals who don't get your left and right feet all mixed up.


Les Mills and Me said...

Hi Shar!
With the help of Les Mills programme directors Rach and G, were running a video competition where you could win $500 in Nike fitness gear!
You can check out the details with Rach and G here...
It's that simple... so get your friends together, get involved and pass it on.
Thanks heaps!
Les Mills and Me