Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weekly Going Ons......

Firstly - Love and all my thoughts to Sam. I feel bad blogging about my day to day stuff when Sam and her family are going through this time.

Well, its Saturday again and it seems my time where I get 10 mins to sit and chill before Paul gets back and I have to get ready to go teach.
I have had quite a challenging week on the energy & focus front due to the fantastic TOTM.I get VERY tired the 2-3 days before, like literally I could fall asleep 1 hour after getting up and anywhere. I also get very low on patience sort have to 'grit my teeth' to stop myself just flying of the handle!! Anyone else get like this?
As soon as period hits I feel better with the tiredness and patience thing but then crap physically with aches, pains and heavy bleeding. These only last one day though so that's one thing to be thankful for.
Over the last few weeks my Les Mills journey has gotten a little clearer and I have a clearer Path of where I'm heading with regards to my two programmes.

I also got to work with Kylie Gates - Training Director of Les Mill Asia Pacific and International Master Trainer and Presenter for Les Mills. WOW, talk about gain some knowledge.
I got to do some musicality work, coaching development, went through some module delivery development, then I got to team teach with her!! for Bodyattack. OMG, I nearly crap my pants everytime. All went well and I am so excited.
I am doing the self doubt, I'm not worth it thing in my head daily, but I suppose with a lifetime of doing that in all aspects of my life I will continue to do that to myself and I am aware of it and trying so hard to correct not only the physical habits but the mental as well.

Had to re-adjust plans on the run yesterday. I set out to run 10km but when I started running, the legs felt like lead, the heart rate was up and it was 33 degrees and I was running at 12.30pm in the heat.
I soon realised I was feeling it so hard due to the heat and the amount of Bodyattacks and runs I had already done so far this week, which was 5 Bodyattacks and 2 runs, still with 2 Bodyattacks to go this weekend and possibly 1-2 runs. So I made the decision to do 5km, which my body and mind was grateful for.

Maddi is still training with WAIS (WA Institute of Sport) for Gymnastics, since she moved up a group, the extra training and length of session does seem to affect her, shes shattered. She has to officially wear the Squad leotard now, she looks so cute, we will look back at this pic when shes representing Australia in 2020!!

Bryce goes to Tennis today and has just started back to pre-season footy training.Paul ran the Beep test for the boys on Thursday night, the coach wanted to do it now and then again in 6 weeks to see some fitness improvements.
Bryce and Paul also went to an adults Gymnastic session together on Wednesday. They both did it when younger, Bryce wants to do more free running style stuff and Paul wants to perfect his back flip and learn to hold handstand on one hand!! They had great fun and both pulled up sore on Thursday.
Anyway, Pauls home, I have to leave in 25 minutes to go teach Bodyattack !!! YEEEAAAHHH!!
So in the Bodyattack essence I'll leave you with another cool poster......

Have a great Weeeknd
Shar x


Rebecca said...

Oh Shar I really envy your training. No matter what you have on in your life you get what you need to get done.

Your little girl is sooo adoreable. Just so cute! You must be so proud.

xox Rebecca

MISS TANK said...

How adorable is your little gym star!!!

You're such a gun babe!! Wish i had the mojo to do Body Attack, i'm miss un-co !!!!

Ferny xx

Lia Halsall said...

I'm exhausted just reading this post. You certainly have an active family which is great Shar. You lead by example and your children will obviously benefit from it. :o)

Lia xxx