Friday, February 20, 2009

Flying visit!!!

Thanks to Lia for dropping by and giving me the nudge, I didn't for one minute think anyone would notice I hadn't posted my self for a bit, its been nearly 3 weeks.

Now I really should not be doing this right now I have other stuff I have to do, but will do a quickie and be back int he next few days.

Anyway, normally for me when I drop of the face of the earth (blogger) things have all gone pear shape and I'm in a mess and just don't want to blog anything.

BUT I am happy to say that this time that is not true!!!!
I had an AH-HA moment (more about that in next post) about 6 weeks ago and have been flying ever since.
Food is my friend and is fuel to do the exercise I love, classes going well, the scales are my friend (not my best friend yet but we are growing closer!)

It all seems to be coming together and not for any other reason than I want to find a balance and be happy inside and out, no comp to 'diet' down for, just putting in the hard work to get to the place I have been aiming for so long.

Have updated my run training, loving it. Doubtful I will go for the full marathon at the moment but will hope to achieve the Half.

Anyway, things to do, kids to get to school, work to do, scripting to go over, long run to do..............A DAY TO LIVE!!!

health and happiness to you all
Shar x


little rene said...

Yay for Shar! No quick fixes, just hard work, patience and consistency! Great work chicky :)

Trudi said...

Welcome back Shar, Like Lia I was starting to wonder where you'd gone, as Im always interested in reading your blog. Cant wait to find out what your AH-HA moment is. I gotta go and run now...literally!!! Catch up soon Trudsxx

Frankie said...

Of course we notice when you are not posting!!

There has been a lull with a few people not posting as regularly (like me) so I wasn't too worried but then saw the photo of your kids on my blog list and realised that was nearly 3 weeks ago!

Glad your coming along well!

Anonymous said...

You know me I'm always watching out for you Shar. ;o) xxx

LizN said...

Glad to see everything is going well Shar - how were your launches :)