Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mission #1

As my blog title states.........

'I'm a mum on a mission to be Fit, Healthy & Strong both in mind & body. Jan 2010 will finally see me fulfil what I believe is my purpose in be able to be a full time mum to new baby and my other two gorgeous kids. A healthy and happy mum to my healthy and happy kids.' its time to live this fully.

Ive got the full time mum bit happening now. Ive left my Group fitness Managers job and couldn't feel more relieved, I don't miss it and don't think I will start too.
I still have a few GF classes (4 at the mo) each week, which I returned back to 2 weeks ago, but am in the process of trying to decide if its my time to step away from teaching for good or maybe just a short while, but that's a whole other post!

The other part of my blog title states -
I'm a mum on a mission to be Fit, Healthy & Strong both in mind & body.

I consider I had an exceptionally healthy and happy pregnancy, I exercised to 40 weeks exactly, have an extremely easy labour, a healthy bub, limited my weight gain to the 'guidelines' only gaining 9.5kg on top of my pre-preg weight at 40 weeks pregnant.

What I need to do now is continue all my good work into the now, get my full fitness back, exercise, eat well and continue to work on the mindset I found during my pregnancy journey.

So I need to commence 'my mission', being one that likes a goal, I will be deciding on my mission and setting small goals to achieve.
Bearing in mind I have a new baby, 2 other kids, a husband and a household to run I will be making the goals very doable and realistic I am not gonna bust it all for x weeks, not achieve and end up feeling like shite, I would rather keep setting ongoing small realistic goals and make changes gradually.

Mission #1 -
(Date range of Mission #1 to be decided, but probably leading up to my next Les Mills
- Exercise regularly and consistently for mission period
- Eat a balanced diet (Organic/Free Range where possible)
- Reduce scale weight (realistic goal weight to be decided)
- Reduce Skinfolds from 7 sites (realistic goal mm to be decided)

So just a bit more descision making to be done and I'll be set for blastoff! :)

Loving reading about everyones preps and also other challenges that are happening at the moment, keep blogging all, you provide inspiration!!

Shar x

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Anonymous said...

Sounds great Shar :) Love it!