Wednesday, September 15, 2010

No idea.......

..............where the last few weeks have gone.

I just bumped into a friend called Barbara at the shops, whom I met when she did my classes a good few years back now, she asked how I was going and said you haven't been blogging!!

So I come on here and check when I last posted and it was the 21st August!! and even that was a short post.

I just don't know where to start to be honest, with no exaggeration, life just feels crazy day after day for me right now.
I have very sporty kids as you know and with Bryce's footy season coming to an end and them making Grand Final plus him making the district development squad and the extra training that goes with that, he has kept us busy running around getting to the right place at the right time.

Then Maddi's gymnastics Competition season hit in with 3 comps in the last month and a bit.

So add that to returning to my 20 hour part time GFM job, teaching, Baby Freddy and being pregnant..............all that makes me feel like I'm a crazy woman day after day.

Not complaining, but you can see that when I do get 30 mins to sit down blogging hasn't been high priority.

Aaaaaannnnnyway, a few things are changing over the next few weeks that should see things calm down a little. Plus I should be coming out the other side of fatigue/exhaustion and all day sickness of the first trimester. YAY!!

We have our 2nd scan next week, can't wait.
Then we will pay to have a 3d/4d one again to find out the gender, as we did with Freddy, I'll pop a poll on the top of my blog and you can all vote again, although last time I think we had about 28 said girl, 6 said boy :)

I hope to be back to blogging soon, will try and post a few videos of my sports stars and a recent pic of my big boy Freddy!

Shar x

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Dianna Broeren said...

I think your schedule is a pretty fair excuse as to why blogging isn't a priority!

Miss you heaps Gorgeous...hope you are well and happy.

Love Di