Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Following my dreams..................

So much to update, so little time!!
Thanks to a referral by Di, I have been focussing on more of the Mind stuff, doing self hypnonsis, meditation, plus, revisiitng my NLP work I had at the begginning of the year.

Working hard, lots of Les Mills development happening, I'm sooooo excited.
Back soon to update fully.

Have a great day
Shar x


Cheryl D said...

Hi Shar,
Sorry about the late reply. I bought the book which came with 4 CD's. My friend bought the MP4 and loves it. I have been abit slack with the self hypnosis that are on the CD but I think I will get back into it. Tonight is as good a time as any. Best of luck with it. I look forward to hearing more.

ss2306 said...

The future is mine!

So glad you're excited and working hard and following your dreams.

Splice said...

Focusing on mind stuff is really great, I try to meditate daily, I need too! Good luck with it.
Deb x