Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Trying to find calm and focus in the whirlwind!!

Wow, what a busy few weeks I've had and I have to just hold on for a another week and a half and I will get some proper downtime and get to 'CHILLAX' as Bryce would say.

So I don't really have the energy to blog fully but I have been looking through some pics of those that are important to me, to try and chill me out, I love pictures.......so though I would share.

Me and my Paulie
day after the ALL
FEMALES this year

Me and my babies
on Mothers day this year.

My two 'true-fings'
(sis and niece)

Mumma and Maddi
Christmas visit to UK

I have heaps of other special people - my dad Geoff, my dad dad, My nan, Katie, all of Paul's family, Friends etc........ but blogger is taking a while to load pics and the post would be very long!!
Looking through my pics helps me stay calm and bring me renewed energy, also helps me to remember how lucky I am to have these people in my life.
Have a great week, remember whats important and stay true to yourself.
Shar x

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