Monday, March 22, 2010

Anyone got any tips?

I just thought I'd put this out there to see if anyone has any tips that can help me.

Do you have a certain way / process you go through to make decisions?

Obviously I have had to make decisions before but I can normally go with my heart, deep down you know what the right decision is but at the moment I am finding that my heart and head are clashing and that along with my life change recently are not making things black and white like I like things to be (the virgo coming out in me).

So if anyone has a process they go through - i.e writing pro's and cons etc then please let me know as I have a few decisions I need to make as my indecision is aggravating me!!

Cheers, Shar x


ss2306 said...

For's and Against's works sometimes but more often than not when my head and heart are clashing I meditate on it to see if the answer comes to me and if still not I just say "Let go, let God" and figure what will be, will be.

Shar said...

Thanks Shelley, great idea, just gotta find the time to meditate! new bbubs and all might make it a little hard, although I could easily do whilst breastfeeding as both me and bubs are completely chilled at that time.

PS I have lost the link to your new blog you sent me the invite for!!! can you e mail me it again? sorry!

LizN said...

Shar, when you find out, let me know
Hope everything is going well,

Frankie said...

well I"m a gemini and can usually see the both sides of every argument/situation which means I am usually stressed out and quite frankly no use to you whatsoever.

But, just wanted to say *hi* and hope you are settling in. Hope you are getting some sleep and don't go making any BIG decisions til your hormones settle down a bit xxx

Flea said...

I usually think how will it effect my family, since I'm a mum of 3 and wife. I now belief I can't just think/choose for myself, will it work for my family as well as me?
And off course is it long term do able or only a short term thing.

Good luck, I know I hate bein in these situations.

KRISTIN said...

Hey Shar! Freddy is just absolutely gorgeous! What a gem, you are such a proud Mumma too, I can tell :)

When I have to make a decision, I create a list of pro's and con's too as a lot of others, I usually write about it (either on my blog or just to myself to read over) and then come up with a decision in my head before actually committing to it. If I am excited after making that decision, I know it's the right one. If I'm not, I usually sleep on it at least until the next day. I just seem to know it's the right one, when it makes me happy and excited :)

Trudi said...

Hi Shar,
When Im stuck on a decision I think about how I feel after Ive said Whatever feels the lightest on your shoulders is the right choice. Sometimes over analysing things just make it worse. Trust your instinct and be happy with the choice you made as it will always be the right one for you. Trudx