Saturday, July 24, 2010

Trying to get back to blogging.....

So post before last I linked to KEK’s blog and something she had written in regards to having a bloggers block. Taking on her advice, here’s Kek’s point number 1 – JUST WRITE.

I have decided its best for me to just to put all that’s been going on for me in list form –

- After having a really healthy and happy pregnancy with regards to keeping my weight gain to reasonable level (9.5kg total at 40 weeks pregnant) I had a rough time post baby with weight gain, putting on a lot in a very short space of time.

- Having tried to discover why this is and having done some soul searching, I have come to the conclusion I obviously don’t (didn’t) have enough self worth to value and look after myself.

- I did it in pregnancy because I was looking after my bubs, giving him the best start so to speak, then once he was born, it was just me again.

- Now, I am more aware of why I have been doing this and I can see this has been the case for quite a while. Not anymore, I am worth it and I do not need to do this for anyone else, only me.

- Knowing I was on a mission to be fit and healthy I jumped onto the team that are doing the BFFM challenge. It’s a 14 week challenge and it has been great to be a part of a team with like minded individuals that encourage and support you, we have our own thread to chat in and update each other.

- At the start I did see this as an opportunity to go hard and lose as much as poss in 14 weeks and although I have been doing well and got some great results so far, at about week 5 I realized this is my life style, slow and steady wins the race, this is longer term than 14 weeks so although there is an end date for the challenge, there is no end date for me and I will continue on.

- I have been embracing balance, a positive attitude and a focusing on whats important to me for 3-4 months now and it is getting easier.

- Professionally I had to make some changes to discover what it is I actually love and where it is I want to be and have come out the other side knowing who I am, what I want to do and who I want to be associated with.

- I had a spell after Freddy was born where it got a little tough to get everything together and put in the effort to eat well, train regularly etc but I did it and didn’t make excuses and we are all better off and I’m a happy mummy

- After training up to day of Labour I had a few weeks off and I have been back training consistently since Freddy was 5 weeks and I love it.

- One thing I have discovered is as time goes by and I’m around health focussed individuals, I read and communicate with others that are challenging themselves and I educate myself further I really can’t tolerate excuses……..I’m tired, I’m busy, I work, its raining etc etc, I still have understanding and compassion but there is no room for excuses, this is a whole other post but simply put....... regarding nutrition - we choose what goes in our mouth and regarding exercise / activity - I would challenge anyone who says they can’t find 20-30 minutes a day to get outdoors in the fresh air and walk.

I have updated my sidebar with my weekly stats both weight and my skinfolds, I don’t do skin folds weekly but have done a little further apart.

My other challenge on my sidebar is to cover as many KM’s (either power walking or jogging) for the second half of the year as I can, I started logging this on July 1st and will try and update as much as possible.

I think I could go on but will leave it there saying that I have had a great few months, happy and healthy family, happy and healthy Shar, yes my life feels crazy some days, baby of 5 months, two other kids, school runs, gymnastics 3 x week for Maddi, Football training and game 3 x week for Bryce, Hubby working, me teaching, training and returning to my Group Fitness Managers job on August 1st……….. I wouldn’t have it any other way and I will never make EXCUSES as they take you further away from your goals and dreams.

Have a geat weekend everyone
Shar x


Kek said...

Being a Mum certainly makes you a good time manager, doesn't it? LOL.

It took me a while to get back into blogging, and initially I'd read through my post and think "This is crap", but I just posted it anyway. Then it seemed like ideas started sprouting madly and I could hardly keep up. Now I'm back to daily blogging, just missing the odd day when I'm busy, and it feels good.

Oh - and I'm with you on the excuses. Especially the old "I'm not a morning person". Ha! Who the hell IS?

Chelle said...

You are worth it Shar. The challenge and the journey will AlWAYS be continuous, the only thing that changes over time are your goals. I love that you are 'embracing balance', i am learning that that is one of the key factors to being happy in ones self. So keep up that positive attitude, keep smiling and watch your goals become a reality x

Shar said...

Thanks Kek, yeah felt good to blog today although I'm not a good writer and my list today was not in order, but hey I blogged!

Chelle - Yep I am worth it, I know that now. Its all a learning journey and I have learnt some gerat lessons over the last year and am finally allowing myself to 'just be' a little more.
And as for balance, in both my food and exercise, simple things like walking outdoors taking in nature and being with my kids instead of caning myself on the treadmill for an hour OR not fighting against food or food choices, I pretty much eat what I want but remain present and concious about the amount and how my body responds and feels.

lastchancetraining said...

It's nice to see you blogging Shar!

Alicia said...

Yay! Good to see you back xoxo

Miss Tank said...

SHAR!!! You are amazing.....thanks for the ass kicking once again - will PROMISE to blog on the weekend and will make a promise to blog weekly xxxxx luv ya