Sunday, August 1, 2010

Flying visit............

Woah...... I was going to get back to blogging and its been over a week since my last post!!
Anyway I'll throw a quick update in.

Training and nutrition was good last week and I got a small drop on the scales of 0.3kg, which after a 1.6kg loss the week prior I was happy with.

This week was good although I enjoyed some extras this week as I have been ravenous, new rule of mine, listen to the old bod and respond accordingly. Hungry = eat :)

Still saw another 0.3kg loss so happy with that. As you can see on the right hand side I am sitting at 10.1kg off so far, 4.3kg to get me back to my pre preg weight, I really want to try and shift as much of this as possible in the next 4 weeks, Freddy is 6 months then and its also my birthday.

It was always my aim to be back down by the time Freddy was 6 months, for me I think 6 months is a realistic timescale to go by, not expecting to much to soon, when your still finding your feet, but not allowing it to drag out past the point where you can't really say 'Ive just had a baby' because 6 months ago isnt really JUST had a baby.

Will up my walking this week as I'm a little behind on my KM target so batter get striding!
I also hope to get into a few classes, maybe a Bodystep and a Bodycombat.

Start back to my Group Fitness Mangers position tomorrow and back to teaching classes (having given up 5 weeks ago, missed it too much but that's a whole other post!).

Bryce had a great game of footy today and they beat top of the league, they are on track to make final this year.
Maddi has her 1st of 3 gymnastics competitions starting next weekend, has an extra training session this week in preparation.
Freddy is now 5 months 1 week and is just a cutie, I love this age they are so interactive. its great to see him with the other 2, they just adore him and he adores them.

Anyway, that's the weekly wrap up and I hope to be back sooner than next weekend.

Have a great week everyone
Shar x


Chelle said...

Well done on the loss babe, you're doing awesome!

Frankie said...

Good work!

Nicole said...

SHAR! What is that new ticker I see on the side below how old Freddy is? Am I misreading this? ARe you pregnant again?? Nicole xx

Nicole said...

OMG! Congrats Shar that is such wonderful news :) I am so happy for you! Look forward to reading all about journey #4 :) Stay well xx