Saturday, August 7, 2010

Baby No.4, Busy Weekend, Motherhood & Weekly check in.........

Thanks f0r all the comments to my last post which I revealed that we are expecting baby number 4. We are all over the moon.
I totally agree with the people that said 'congrats but your a little crazy' :)
After having an 8 and 6 year gap it will now be a year between Freddy and his Brother / Sister.
This will be a whole new experience for us but Freddy has enhanced our family (as each bubba has) so much that we decided we would love one more and this time close together, I'm too old for a big gap this time ;)
It will be great to have you along for the ride again, as I focus on a fit and healthy pregnancy again.

So the weekend kicks off on a Friday night right??
So Friday night saw Maddi have an extra Gymnastic session purely to practice routines for her competition today.
TMI Alert - Unfortunately Maddi became the next victim of the sickness we have had run through us all - Me on Monday, Paul Thursday arvo, Bryce Thursday night and Maddi last night!! Basically sudden onset of feeling dodgy, get really tired, then wake up and vomit until empty, feel better, eat drink and back to normal!! SHe feels fine this morning and is adamant she competing.
This morning we have a bit of shopping & running around to do which will have to be as soon as the shops open, then we start the 'procedure' of getting ready for the competition, in particular the hair has to be a certain style and stuck in like no tomorrow with product!!
Then its off to see Maddi compete, will get some video and pics so maybe post some soon.
We then have some baking to do for the cake stall to support Bryce's footy club.

Then Sunday see us go to footy again, due to a loss a few weeks back Bryce's team are needing to do well in the last 3 games to make finals in the top 2 spots to get a week off.
So the games have been a little more tense :0

All the normal stuff to do to get ready for the week ahead then needs doing and we will be good to go for another week.

I'm just gonna jump in and post a small amount responding to Nicole a week or so ago and also Alicia as they both wrote some valid points and maybe I have something else to add because I'm going through it a 3rd time.

Like Nicole I had body issues after Freddy, mine was more related to what I did to myself after birth not during pregnancy but the feeling is the same, no-one can prepare you for that moment you stand in front of the mirror and see your reflection and you just don't recognise it.
Your body can totally change, things happen to your boobs, maybe stretch marks where you weren't expecting them etc etc and seeing this at a time when your mental strength isn't quite at its best due to lack of sleep, proper nutrition, worry etc can be devastating.

Like Alicia I found it a very lonely experience early on, I had visitors here for a substantial amount of time (9 weeks), they go home, Paul was at work, in a new full time position instead of being his on PT and being home throughout the day and although I was probably not as alone due to my other kids being home before and after school that time in between can feel very long and some days I found myself just wondering how long a day could feel when normally the days flew past.
Once I got a routine established and started to get back to the gym and going to classes each day I found it alot better, just like Alicia does now shes back working.

The thing is, as has been said - no-one tells it like it really is, what to really expect.
I have had 2 previously so wasn't going in blind and I have found it easier each time but every baby is different, every situation is different and although I have got a very clam and contented baby and have found him and his need relatively easy, this time for me is the first I have had no family living close by, no support network as such.

Everyone is different, how we respond to motherhood can be totally different to how we thought we would or how we are 'expected' to BUT ultimately as long as you make it through yourself, care for your baby and ask for help if you need it, really it doesn't matter if you don't do what you are 'supposed' to.

As for people giving you their two cents worth - they are always going to do that, unfortunately people think they know best but as I said everyone is different and they are not experiencing what you are experiencing, as long as you are truly happy with what you are doing you just have to get tough and say '**** um'.
In saying that there are some genuinely caring & helpful people out there that will give you suggestions or let you know what worked for them and if given in the right manner, this info can help sometimes.

So this week has seen a loss of 0.9kg, putting my total at 11kg, which I am over the moon about and I'm nearly back a Freddy Pre preg weight. Although at some point I need another pre preg weight :) I am focused on keeping a check on excess weight gain again this time and for sure will learn from the past and not put on weight after I have had the baby this time!! :)

Exercise has been power walking and classes this week trying to still clock up my KM's.
Plan on starting training with Paul 2 x a week, we just need to work those 2 sessions in somewhere!.

Anyway, thats all for now, gymnastic hair to do!! have a great weekend.
Shar x

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