Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Finding a way - Part 2..............

So following on from my last post, I am very grateful to those that took the time to comment with both there own experiences and also encouragement.

I didn’t want it to be a ‘poor me’ post but more so a realisation that if you keep doing what you’ve always done you will get what you always got and for me this meant a lifetime of yo-yo dieting which mentally has left me exhausted and craving some balance, physically has left me looking great/looking crap/looking great/looking crap, never just somewhere that I feel good that’s fits with me and my lifestyle and ultimately doing that to your body over and over will have a detrimental effect.

I have various Fitness related qualifications (cert 3, cert 4, pre post natal etc etc) and I would say I could train someone else, help someone else, BUT I will never do that again or re-enter the industry until I am happy I can help myself, do it for myself and be an inspiration (not just physically) to someone else.

I could easily go with what I have always done and seek help (yes even when I’m preg) BUT If I do not learn this for myself now as I said in my previous post I will be back to the same spot over and over.

The other thing is I need to do this for myself to discover me again, I am quite sad and ashamed to say I haven’t been the real me for quite a long time, a version of me, snippets of me but not 100% me.
This isn’t just attributed to weight, self image etc but I have allowed others to influence me in a way that I wouldn’t normally, not allowed myself to have the self belief to be the true me, its time to find me again, to have the belief in myself in ALL areas.

A few things that came up from you lovelies that commented –
Most of us have been there – this isn’t obviously what I want for others but it does help to know others have been there.
A few if not all of you have logged or do log - it has worked for me and I do believe it is right in some circumstances But for me right now it is controlling me and working in the opposite for me, so maybe I move to just writing my day out in a notebook, just so I’m aware of what I’m choosing but not totally consumed by calories and macro’s.
Positive thinking – I totally agree Thoughts become things. Liz, Magda and Samo mentioned this. I do believe if you look in the mirror and think ‘fat cow’ that is what you will be, if I look in the mirror and think ‘curvy, pregnant and healthy’ , even with some cellulite ;) then that’s what I will be.

So I am looking at a Action Plan , NOT a plan to follow, be restricted by, do 100% or nothing, a few guidelines to help me along this new journey that is ‘Finding The Real Shar.

I want to eat for health, energy and vitality
I want to exercise because I love it
I want to spread love everyday
I want to laugh so much it hurts :)

So looking at the wants above I will draw up my guidelines and be back soon.


Magda said...


please continue to write and share. We are here for you.

XX Magda

Shar said...

Thanks Magda, normally I dont shar the struggles I sort of go silent, they pass and I come back, but I was thinking about it and I relate more to the bloggers that seem to be honest about struggles (of all types), hence no silence this time and I have found it has helped getting down on paper (so to speak).


Shar said...

opppps I meant Share the struggles, not shar the struggles!! :)

Frankie said...

sounds like an awesome plan! Quite similar to mine :O)