Saturday, December 18, 2010

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UK TRIP - 3 sleeps left!! Cant wait and as soon as Paul is home after his private clients this morning we will be starting the packing process, which, will be quite simple up until hand luggage when it needs a bit more thought for Freddy.
Bryce is obviously easy, he will sleep and watch films, listen to music and play apps on his i touch.
We have small gifts to give Maddi (mainly activity stuff for her) on the flight, she has the in flight entertainment to use and I have looked at the films and there are a few she will enjoy so that's good, Paul has also loaded her i touch with a few films and we are getting her a few new apps to play.
We have got a small bag of new bits and bobs for Freddy, I call them 'save the day' toys! so those along with sleep, other playing, walking about, smiling at people (his speciality as he knows it gets attention!) we may just manage!

I have booked the flight so that the 14 hour one ties in with what would be our night time so he hopefully takes a chunk of that one asleep.

Anniversary - Thanks to those who left a comment, we have a nice evening.

Finding a way - I have been processing alot of info and decided the way to go for me was to work on the mind (this was brought up in comments by quite a few) I have been listening to a valuable audiobook by Dr Wayne Dyer. I love him and have a few books, podcasts etc. I will be listening to it again and hope to post the most powerful bits that have helped me, lets just say I'm learning to love me, its not about the body, it about loving me.

I have also continued with my power walking and averaging 6-7km each time I go out which is about 5-6 times a week.
Both Freddy and I enjoy this, I get my exercise and yes I am working hard (says my heart rate monitor) as every activity becomes a little harder when you have a belly and a bit of weight to carry! I also love being out in the gorgeous surroundings, fresh air and sunshine.
Freddy loves watching the trees, dogs and generally being outdoors.

I have decided on a way of eating that is a compromise between logging every calorie and g of food, trying to be 100% and at the opposite end, just eating whatever whenever so this will hopefully help me settle.

I ended up at 40 weeks pregnant having a 9.5kg gain with Freddy and would love to keep this pregnancy within 'guidelines' too so am aiming at 12kg gain at 40 weeks, this is the top end of guidelines but I personally believe a realistic goal for me this time and also a goal that makes afterwards more doable in the get back into shape department.
In saying that there will be no 'beating up' or 'failure' if this number increases :)

With regards to fitness goals, obviously nothing major planned at the moment, apart from another quick, natural and fab labour and birth! :) although I don't know I can beat 1 hour 9 minutes can I??
I will continue to walk lots but later next year I am really, no I mean really, looking forward to going for a jog!! (more like a plod!) so I am setting myself a goal for 2011 of covering 2011 km's!!

Break that down and it isn't as easy as it sounds! that's an average of 5.5km a day!! now I wont be able to walk everyday due to various reasons etc so will have to clock up more when I can and when I can start jogging again I can get through a few more.
I will be aiming for that but lets just say I'll get as close as possible, I'll log it in my sidebar so you can see how I'm going.

Christmas - Fast approaching and obviously I have a very special time coming up!
Freddy's first Christmas and hes at a gorgeous age, he will be 10 months on Christmas day.
Maddi is extremely excited and is still praying for snow whilst we are in the UK, I think she could be in for a flurry going on the forecast that is being given.
Bryce is a typical teenager, hes looking forward being with Family and his Christmas list consisted of 'Money'!! Hes saving for a APPLE.
Paul and I are really looking forward to being at home with family but also spending some quality time together.

I might get one more post in with some Wayne Dyer info before we depart but if not, have a great Christmas and New year. Spend it with those you love, stay safe.

Shar x


Hilary said...

Wow, I never realised there was so much thought and planning involved when you take kids on holiday! I haven't had to do that yet!!

I hope you have a lovely time in the UK, always nice to spend Christmas with family and good friends :)

Take care of yourself and stay warm!!

Hilary xx

Frankie said...

Have an awesome trip and a great Christmas!! xxx

Magda said...

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas Shar.

XX Magda