Thursday, May 19, 2011

Back to blogging, getting back to it, stepping it up and another new baby

Wow that's a big title! so lets break it down...........

Back to blogging - explains itself, I have decided to blog here, in one place and wont continue the private blog (not that it really got started). I really don't care what people think and if I have something to say, a subject to post about or I want to write about my exercise and weight loss etc etc I will, my blog, my choice :)

Getting back to it - exercise and eating well that is. So bubs was 5 weeks old and I finally got my shit together with some guidance. I am feeling so much better, eating a range of food, such as lean meats, good fats and lots of salad and fruit.
I have 2 weeks under my belt and my losses have been 2.5kg and 1.2kg so far as shown on my sidebar. I have lots to lose to get to where I want to be, which is a realistic weight, but my first aim is to get back to pre preg weight.
I am loving walking outdoors with the babies, also have used my treadmill and did a jog on day one around the block by way of a mini fitness test/start point.
I have listed my 2011 missions on the right, these are all things I want to achieve or timelines to get me back to teaching Group Fitness etc.
I'm also doing a lot of work on my mindset with help from Liz.

Stepping it up - So with nearly 3 weeks of 2 x daily power walks I am ready to step it up a bit. I am planning on starting my jogging next week and cant wait. I have some other activities to incorporate and will see when I can fit them in .

Another new baby - (MUM DON'T FREAK OUT, not a human baby!!!) Just take a look at my investment, it is my new baby, I love it already and its on its way, it left America on Monday and Singapore yesterday and will arrive tomorrow......

After alot of research I went for the BOB Ironman Duallie, a proper running stroller.
I have had a Babyjogger running stroller before but didn't like the 20inch wheels, although great to run with it was just to big, so this one has all sorts of fancy features and smaller wheels at 16 inches.
I am ready to jog, I have time at home in the day with the babies so rather than try and juggle my training around Paul's hours, the gym runs, the footy runs etc I will make use of the daytime.
The boys will love it and be getting out in the fresh air, what better.

So that's my update, I'm hoping to get on a little more often, but then again I might be out jogging!! ;)

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Maryanne said...

How are you doing Shar?

I LOVE the new wheels - I hope your two beuatiful boys love it too!