Sunday, August 21, 2011

Missions accomplished, stats so far and my boys.

So I have updated my missions for the year, adding a few more to the mix and having a look at what I have achieved so far since I planned the year, June to December.

I have completed some of my August missions but wont be crossing off until month is done.

Added in is the Half marathon training, I plan to run a Half marathon on November 5th, so with a solid bit of pavement pounding behind me now and quite a bit of weight released I will commence specific training for that this week. I can't wait, its been on my to-do list for years, as has a full marathon but I'll get the half done first me thinks :)

So my stats so far are still great, kilos are releasing consistently and my CM's and skinfolds are dropping to.

Total loss so far 19.5kg

12WC loss so far - @ 10 weeks completed 17.2kg

Hips - 17cm lost so far

Waist (Smallest)- 20.5cm lost so far

Waist (At Belly button) - 26cm so far

Fitness stats - on day one of my 12WC I tried to go for a 'run', which now looking back would have looked bloody hilarious! anyway.....This is the honest truth and at the time I was devastated, but I started out with the intention of jogging 1km, 1km, yep that's all, but, it had been a while, I had just had my 3rd and 4th bubs back to back and not only was I carrying extra weight it wasn't used to moving alot during the last bub.

So wanting to be realistic I thought 1km was doable, so off I set down the road.......I made it 0.2km !!! and I had to walk and pretty much I walked the rest, I was bright red in the face and ashamed at how out of condition I was.

So fast forward to now, 10 weeks later and I ran for 9km this morning.

My KM's per minute have dropped heaps, my heart rate is heaps lower as an average and I really have to push to get it high.

I have done my jogs/runs in all weather (and we have had some bad weather the last month or so) and I absolutely LOVE it.

At week 4 I went back to participating in classes, Bodystep first, then Bodyattack in week 6, seriously I thought I was going to die and had a major panic that I was supposed to be teaching in week 9, but with some hard work and focus (which wasn't a chore and I enjoyed it) I made it to team teaching for the last 2 weeks and will teach alone this week coming.

Teaching is way different to participating, you work WAY harder than your participants, this I can guarantee and its still a struggle to get through the class with good technique and enough energy and motivation for everyone but I will get there sooner rather than later.

I have 2 weeks left of my 12WC and will need to continue to work towards my goals for maybe another 3-4 weeks after that, then I move into unfamiliar territory in that previously I hit a goal and then it all goes pear shape (literally), but due to some extremely important motivating factors (i.e my kids, Paul, living life), some thought pattern changes I have made and regular fitness pursuits it will be a territory I will enjoy being in .

I have enjoyed the process of releasing it this time, no internal fight, no mind games, it feels as if its just meant to be the time for me to do it or maybe accepting where I was and taking responsibility for it was the change this time, whichever its all good, I am fitter and mentally clearer and that in itself helps me cope with the demands of having 4 kids, a husband, a house to run and being a Group Fitness Instructor.

Oh I forgot to mention, Ive decided to go back to work part time and have been successful in gaining a position as a Group Fitness Manager again :) its only 5 hours a week initially but that works for us and I get to do all the things I love.

Anyway, Ive rambled on enough, ill leave you with a picture of my youngest 2 babies having a bit of brotherly love under the baby gym.............


Liz N said...

So glad to see you doing so well!
Boys are gorgeous!

Magda said...

OMG your babies are gorgeous. I can feel your proudness.

BTW good work on your 12WC achievements too.