Friday, October 21, 2011


I was thinking earlier, after teaching my 3rd Bodyattack of the week last night and 2 more to go, I LOVE teaching Bodyattack and its my favourite Les Mills programme, which got me to thinking about other Favourites of mine.

Favourite workout - Bodyattack
Favourite food - Carrot Cake
Favourite clothing - PJ's or Coochies as we call them in our house
Favourite day - Sunday, its our family day
Favourite month - December, we got married in a winter wedding in the UK, Christmas either a hot one in Oz or a traditional one in the UK.
Favourite place - Bed :)
Favourite colour - Yellow

Why not copy and paste this into the comments and let me know your Fav's.


KatieP said...

Favourite workout - sex
Favourite food - kangaroo and roast vegetables
Favourite clothing - bathers
Favourite day - Saturday -- snuggle time
Favourite month - October - means there's six months of summer coming
Favourite place - the beach
Favourite colour - red

Shar said...

Katie - I would have guessed Red as your fav colour!

KatieP said...

he he ...

Maryanne said...

Thanks kate, I jet did mine too on my blog xx

Kek said...

Favourite workout - Training legs, hard and heavy
Favourite food - Chocolate (bet you didn't guess that!)
Favourite clothing - Something comfortable. I think PJs are in the lead.
Favourite day - Friday, the whole weekend stretches ahead.
Favourite month - January. Holidays and heat.
Favourite place - My house. :)
Favourite colour - Turquoise

Michelle said...

Great list Shar! I have just done my faves on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

WOOHOO I'm back Shar!! Here's my fav's!!

Favourite workout - walking Ralpho my puppy
Favourite food - atm - cold watermelon and mango
Favourite clothing - same - Jimmy Jams (PJ's)
Favourite day - Thursday - not sure why!
Favourite month - December, my bday month!
Favourite place - in my hubby's arms when i've had a bad day
Favourite colour - Silver? is that a colour? Teal/Aqua