Monday, February 7, 2011

32 down, 8 to go, 2011 My Year?

Wow I'm 32 weeks pregnant today, only 8 to go and we all get to meet our little man, my bum belly is huge, people think I only have a few weeks to go, but bubs is on the right track, not big for dates.
Here's a pic -

My big boy is 15 tomorrow!! that scares me so much and makes me feel sooooooo old, 34 isn't old right??
Not long til Freddy's 1st birthday either, going too fast.

2011 My Year -
So my challenge to myself is coming 1st December, 1st day of summer, I will be a Slimmer Mumma for Summer :) Corney I know but you get the idea.

Ive been pregnant since May 2009 until April 2011, all except 4 months, in which time I had a newborn. So its time for me to make this year the year I get my mojo back and end it in style, feeling great, looking great and being great.

A long haul challenge, not 8 weeks, not 12 weeks, not even 6 months - 11 months to get real, meet lots of little mini goals -
- start jogging after bubs and complete a half marathon at the end of August,
- shift the excess baby weight I have gained this time
- shift plus some :)
- Return to Bodyattack first as a participant then as an instructor again, aiming for Spring roster that starts September
- be the best mum I can be to 4 children
- nourish my marriage to a simply amazing man

..............I'm sure there's more to come but you get the idea.

I'm going to record every single week here, no missing weeks or 'starting' again because they
weren't to my OLD all or nothing standards, I must admit, I am was tempted to just sit out the 8 weeks on my merry way and 'start' after I had had bubs, but the way my body is responding to the end stages of pregnancy at the moment I know I could easily have an extra 5-8kg to contend with if I don't bring a bit more regular exercise in again and choose to eat a little less and make better choices.

I few bits to organise and I'll be back with some more regular updates and find some way to log this on my blog.

Here's me and Baby Freddy, had to call him that as apparently he becomes a toddler from 12 months us mums know though, they are always or 'babies' :)


Andrea said...

Looking good Shar. Funnily enough I don't fee huge this time - just kind of normal! There is a great article on 'starting over' in the lastest issue of Australian Yoga Journal - they will upload it to their website once the issue is finished and the new issue comes out in March - it is well worth a read.


Lia Halsall said...

OMG Shar, I can't believe how much time has already passed and how far you've come with your fourth pregnancy. Eight weeks to go, it'll be here before you know it and you'll be basking in baby glory all over again. Can't wait! xxx