Saturday, February 26, 2011

Routine Scan PART 1, New Bub Pic & Freddy Turns 1

So I have had an interesting week to say the least.

PART 1 - Monday started with the prospect of going for my scan and being told I could not deliver new bub vaginally due to my placenta still being low, which, as mentioned before is my worst scenario.

So we got there spot on 10.30am and the waiting room was full. We sat....... and sat......... and sat, an hour passed, a very uncomfortable hour, 8 months pregnant sat in a chair with people either side.....not good for the back.

Paul would need to leave at 12pm to get back to work for a 12.30pm client, so there I am willing people to be called (by this time I had worked out who was there prior to us therefore knew we still had 4 women to be seen before us) so that Paul could be in with me and not have to leave.
But as I watched the clock it was looking more and more unlikely and at 11.55 when there was still 2 to go in before us we decided for Paul to leave and head back to work.
So i sit there disappointed Paul won't get to see bubs, nor hear the news we were hoping for about the placenta.

Then unexpectedly I get called, like 4 mins after Paul had left!!! Knowing he had a little way back to the car and the hospital grounds are quite big, I hurriedly text him - 'going in, can you rush back?' whilst walking to scan room.
Anyway Paul had gotten to far so on with the scan.

The sonographers were great, apologies were given for running late (not their fault) and i explained about Paul and that he may come running back but it wasn't looking likely as he hadn't responded.
As soon as she put the screen on, I saw bubs profile and was in tears, I don't know about anyone else but the love just overwhelms you even seeing them on the screen, the lady said to me 'oh hunny, sorry your husband had to go, we'll get him a nice 'face shot', on went the 3d and she got the cute face shot I've posted here!! I can't stop looking at it.

They couldn't get to the placenta with a 'normal ' scan so decided to do other routine checks, bubs size, bubs position, fluid measurement, heart, S D ratio etc.
Whilst going through these there were two things that flagged up as not normal, I only knew this as one lady said to the other 'oh, that's a bit high, ill just double check that' so she proceeded to re-check it again and confirmed to her assistant that indeed yes it was no within normal range, then this happened again for something else and its at this point you really want a hand to squeeze yours and give you some reassurance, come back Paul!! ..........PART 2 to follow.

Yesterday was Freddy's 1st birthday!!!! He had a great day with a few pressies and lots of fuss throughout the day then the little family ( yep just us and my dad!) party in the evening with more pressies.
Of course he had a birthday cake, he hasn't had chocolate or cake before so it was interesting to watch him it his thin slice of cake, the progress of mess was also cute, here's the before, during and after pics of Freddy's first piece of cake!

Reaching for the first piece

Half way through


And all clean after bathtime


Michelle said...

Amazing scan photo, Shar! I can't wait to read Part 2.

Freddy is such a cutie, it looks as though he thoroughly enjoyed that cake :o)

Nicole said...

Wow what a great pic of the bub!! Yes, please don't leave us in suspense - part 2 please :)

OMG! How cute is Freddy!! Eva loves cake!! She doesn't even finish what is in her mouth before shovelling more in LOL! I am glad Freddy had a great birthday. We didn't do too much on Eva's real b'day but celebrated with family and friends today so it was a great day :)

Nicole xx

Maryanne said...

Shar - I really hope everything is okay! Part 2 please. we are out here supporting you!!! Big hugs xxx

Shar said...

Michelle - I love the 3d photos, didn't have them with my first two so have been amazed with Freddy and this bub.

Nicole - hey, wanted to drop by your blog and say happy birthday to Eva but wasn't sure if you'd see a comment on your last post.
They are funny with yummy foods hey? Freddy actually stopped eating it, I think he rely yucky!!

Maryanne - thanks for dropping by and the support.

All- part 2 is getting there, but time is little with 3 kids!! And you'll see why I had even less last week soon!

The Stark's said...

Hi Shar

Long time,no speak!

I've come to your blog often via Katie's as I love how I can see who's updated and whilst away didn't have others addresses and when I was bored I'll trawl blogs (lol).

Just wanted to say that that scan photo is the nicest one I've ever seen.

Happy birthday to Freddy.

I can't remember what else you wrote but best wishes for the impending birth of number 4.

Happy and healthy vibes being sent you way.

Shelley xxx

Bug's Mumma said...

Aw that pic brought tears to my eyes :) And hurry up with part 2!!!

Freddy is soooo adorable! His personality shines through the photos xoxo