Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day, 49 days to go and the truth hurts.

Happy Valentines Day................
............ to my gorgeous hubby who is caring, loving, THE best dad, never judges me, never puts conditions on our relationship, is my best friend as well as the love of my life, who gives everything but expects nothing in return, I could go on and on......I am so blessed.

I love you
49 Days to go
So another week down and I have 49 days (7 weeks) to go.
I had my 33 Week appointment at the Family Birth Centre on Thursday and all is well. Strong regular heartbeat, BP all good and low as normal, bubs has turned head down so all good with him.
I just need to have my scan next Monday and fingers crossed my placenta has moved up away from my cervix so I can have a natural vaginal birth again and not a C-Section.
The truth hurts
I will be starting another blog relating to this, keeping it private for now and when I feel comfortable I will open up to those that want to read and follow my journey. I did have some not so good news from the Birth centre and that is my BMI has just touched the limit they put on their mums having so that they are able to birth there. I have until 38 weeks to reduce it slightly to bring it back in range.
I have no doubt that by getting my shit together and stopping the crap and extras I have been having that I will be able to do this sensibly and all will be well......BUT the truth hurts right?
I know this pregnancy hasn't been ideal, the weight gain has run away from me. I have no-one to blame but myself of course and will not make anymore excuses.
My journey to get to my 'ideal' (realistic ideal that is) weight and body shape will begin. Unfortunately it is in my quest to find 'balance' that things have gone pear shape (pardon the pun) for me, I will deal with 'balance' issue once I get there, I know what works, I know what to do, I have support and assistance so will be doing this my to actually do it!
I will be blogging about it all here but letting a few more of my innermost thoughts etc go in my new blog, so yes, this will become my 'weight loss' journey (again) so if you don't wanna read that kinda 'stuff', don't, if you wanna judge, go somewhere else, but it will be real and I guess it wont all be fun.
As I said last post, I'm going longer term, by December 1st I will be there, 2011 is mine, pics to prove it and this is it ONCE AND FOR ALL.
Have a great day xx


Kek said...

Sweet pea, you can absolutely do it, especially now that you have such an important reason to reign in the weight gain.

Good to hear that bubs is doing so well - you're acing the most important job you have. ;)

Shar said...

Thanks kek.

I know I can do it (after all I've done it many times!) just been making too many excuses.

Your right bubs is doing well and ultimately that's all that matters right now, although a mumma that eats better and feels good about herself can't hurt :)

Thanks for dropping by.

Magda said...

When you're ready to share, I'm ready to listen.

XX Magda

Shar said...

Thanks magda, just not happy to share my heart without
'knowing ' who's reading (I.e so many more than comment).
Would love to have you along though, you are doing so well with your balance and I hope to join you by year end!

Michelle said...

Ditto to what the other girls said. I will always be there when you are ready.



Hilary said...

Wow - not long til you get to meet bubba, seems to have gone fast!

Finding that balance isn't easy... Good luck with your next phase and finding that balance - you can do it!

Hilary xx

Shar said...

Thanks mich, I'll drop you an e mail with invite.

Hils - Yep has gone super quick, that's being preg whilst having another baby to look after I think.
No doubt balance will come but for now I just gotta do what I gotta do to feel fitter, healthier and lighter!

lastchancetraining said...

Hey Shar,
Never any judgment from my end either, just a sounding board to help you move forward.

xox Liz N

Alicia said...

I'm here for you 100% honey. My weight gain with Ava went overboard too, but I'm getting there xox Remember too, having two babies in just over a year is a MAJOR thing to put your body through xoxo

VanDemons said...

Hi Shar,

I call past your blog occasionally and I just wanted to let you know that I find your story inspirational. I would love to have as much focus & determination! I'm getting better, but it is a long, slow journey.

I hope that the rest of your pregnancy goes well and that 2011 is a great one for you.


Frankie said...

Ditto to what the ladies have said already. You're awesome Shar! Don't forget that. You will do it and you will come out stronger for it!