Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Part 2......

So here's PART 2, recap below and read on :)

...........So double check she did and indeed there are two things that needed attention and further checking.
1) I have borderline too much fluid, I have been told that better to have too much than not enough and that bubs is not affected by this but I haven’t been told what implications this has, I have done a few searches but will follow this one up on Wednesday.
2) I have a raised SD ratio, this is the Systolic/diastolic pressure from placenta to bubs (from how they have explained it to me) and I have a resistance of the flow between placenta to bubs, this is the more concerning one of the two so this will be monitored at a scan once a week from now on.

so from the above being found I then had to have the placenta checked and had to have an internal scan to do so.
The good news here is that the placenta has moved well away from the cervix so I can have the vaginal birth I want!!
I then find myself being referred up to the Maternal Fetal Assessment Unit (MFAU) for monitoring.
Sit on the monitor for an hour or so and its not the reactive trace they are after, they give me a sandwich and cold water and then bubs starts to play !! J
All good, sent home with a scan booked for a week and a half time along with monitoring.

Tuesday morning comes and after restless night up and down with ‘period pain’ and backache I do the morning stuff, school run etc and get back, pop Freddy down for his morning nap and go to the toilet only to find in bleeding!?
So I can’t get Paul, sit and stare at the wall for a bit, wonder what to do and decide given the circumstances – 34 weeks pregnant, a few probs discovered yesterday and bleeding not being normal unless maybe in going to go into labour, I decide to ring the hospital.
Of course, told to go in, Paul comes home and drops me to the hospital (its so hard this time, Paul cant be with me for most of the appts at the hospital now as children under 7 aren’t allowed to attend with you) to go to be checked.

They pop me on the monitor again, bubs is ok, but I'm contracting every 5 mins, I can only feel tightening's but the doctor assures me they class as contractions.
Cervix check – closed and high, good sign.
Bloods taken and scan done to check bubs is head down as I couldn’t remember from the scan the day before.

Just as I think I'm good to be told to go home and rest as Ive had no more bleeding, in come the doctor and tells me they will be admitting me as a small bleed can preceed a big bleed or labour and given I'm contracting and how fast Freddy came I am better to be at the hospital as bubs is classes as pre term.

Totally not prepared for that and then get all emotional cause I'm on my own, worried about bubs and cant not be at home I have 3 kids to look after!
Anyway so we don’t go into a part three, the contractions stopped that evening, the bleeding stopped and all was looking good.

But they kept me in until Thursday!! Still worried about the big bleed that may come and wanting me to rest.
They wanted me to continue to stay but I managed to strike a deal! J They agreed on Thursday morning that if I had a good reactive trace of bubs I could go home as long as I rest and go straight back if I got tightening's, bleeding or reduced movements.
There was no way I wanted to stay another night and wake up on Freddy’s first birthday in hospital!

So I am now on 2 x weekly ctg monitoring and 1 x week scans to check the placenta and fluid.
I went Sunday and got a good trace, so on Wednesday I have monitoring, scan then clinic.

I have lost my birth centre birth as you can’t have any risks which I do now, but having stayed in the ante Natal ward which is also the postnatal ward and will be the same middies I am feeling more positive about being in the main hospital.
I can have my vaginal birth, can still do it drug free and be discharge all being well from 6 hours after so really all that has changed are the location and middies……its all good as long as bubs is ok and we are looked after.

Paul did an amazing job whilst I was missing for 3 days and two nights! We had no planning, he had to pack a bag for me, pick up on Freddy’s routine (communicated via text) and he even did Maddi’s hair in a ponytail for school!!
I missed them all soooo much and as tough as it is being a mum and everything that comes with it, I wouldn’t change it, it’s the hardest job in the world but the most satisfying.

I am a little worried about the placenta but will know more after my appointments on Wednesday and I think worse case I will have to have more monitoring and maybe have him earlier than due date.

Part 3 to come!!


Kek said...

Oh Shar, you poor thing! I know how worrying this stuff is. :(

If it's any consolation, I had on and off bleeding all through my third pregnancy, and the Braxton-Hicks contractions were really strong and regular over the final eight weeks, to the point that I thought I was in labour at least a dozen times. I also had to be admitted overnight at 30 weeks due to a scary bleed, but baby came along four days after his due date, all 9lb 3 and a half oz of him!

It's wonderful that we have so much technology available now, but the downside is that they pick up things that probably aren't a drama, but scare you half to death anyway.

Fingers crossed for you that the birth goes exactly as planned.


Nicole said...

Oh Shar you poor thing! Well I had the complete opposite of having no fluid but I also did have a bleed and, same thing, kept me in for a couple of days in case I went into labour and as Eva was breach - was best to be in hospital etc.. Such a pain in the butt though - oh yeah and I also had to go to the hospital every 2nd day!! for CGT scans as I couldn't feel barely any movement from Eva my entire pregnancy!!

Well done to Paul for organising the rest of the family whilst you were away!! Well I hope all goes well for your next scans and check up and I look forward to part 3!

Nicole xx

Shar said...

Hey kek and Nicole,
Thanks for commenting so soon.
Good to hear these are in the main, ' normal' things.

Not long and I'm sure bubs will be hee safe and sound, ten the chard work begins!!!!! :)

Magda said...

Shar, I'm enjoying reading about your experiences both scary and great. Hope all goes well to the end of your pregnancy and baby is born safe and healthy.



Bug's Mumma said...

Oh you poor love! I have to agree with Kek, even though the technology now is fantastic, all the extra stuff they can pick up can scare the hell outta you.

My sister had extra fluid with bub #2, but there were no issues with it and he was a healthy baby :)

Hope everything goes well over the coming weeks xoxo

Hilary said...

Sorry to read about all the ups and downs Shar, and the stay in hospital too. Its great though that you have such an awesome husband to look after things at home while you were away.

Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly in the weeks to come.