Tuesday, March 15, 2011

20 days or less and the happiest days of my life

So yep we are certainly getting to the pointy end now..........20 days to go (or less depending on the medical people) until I get to meet our new addition.
I can't explain what being pregnant, labouring and birthing means to me and I couldn't even try.
I have a scan today to check if my fluid levels have changed in anyway, obviously they are concerned with more, then I have an Ob appt tomorrow so will get a better idea of what way the end may go.

Anyway, linking into the most amazing event that I'm about to experience again, for the 4th time, I would say that the happiest (individual) days of my life that stand out so far have to be -

- Meeting and Marrying Paul

- Bryce's Birth

- Maddi's Birth

- Freddy's Birth

Obviously there are other happy days, daily happy moments etc but these for me are the 4 moments in my life so far that make me smile and feel warm and fuzzy.

What are yours?
Is there a day / event that stands out, that brings you that smile? you know the one that warms you deep inside.

Care to share....................


Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Shar, marrying Rob would have to be one of my happiest days. We love looking through our wedding photos. Hope the next 20 days go well for you.

Bug's Mumma said...

I'd definitely have to say:

* Marrying Damien
* Finding out I was pregnant
* The day Ava was born


VanDemons said...

Great question - so many happy days - which is really nice to reflect on....

* Marrying my man
* Finding out I was pregnant
* Making it safely to 12 weeks
(5 pregnancies in 4 years, but we have only managed 2 babies, so far...hopefully more to come)
* The day our babies, Mieke & Jarvis were born.....