Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So a big thanks to those that came and told me what they thought, so many valid points that stood out -

1) Michelle, Hilds - yep keeping up 2 blogs is not really doable especially as I want to become a bit more consistent in blogging so I can have a full record of my year of change :)

2) Shelley, Liz - I have come to the conclusion that yes I can write what I want and honesty is the best policy, so writing from the heart it is and as Shelley put it - if people don't want to read about a certain thing they can 'bugger off' :)

3) Nicole, Magda- public versus private - I hear whet your saying Magda but not having work colleagues or family (only my mum who knows me inside out anyway) reading makes it a little easier to stay public I think and Nicole, good point,yes I know I have to risk the 2 cents worth crew coming along but decided I'm a big girl now and should be able to ignore or deal with so public it stays, I also think its nicer for readers not to have to sign in all the time?

Barbera and Maryanne, thank you for your support and I would love to you continue to follow.

Ive got a feeling its going to be a bumpy ride this year, along with 4 kids, 2 under 13 months!! I have to deal with hormones post pregnancy, probable sleep deprivation, the huge desire to get my body back to a healthy state with not alot of time for exercise, 2 older kids to be mum too, be a wife and try somewhere in there to find me and time for me.
BUT 2011 will be my year and as stated in another post this blog will now be about, weight loss after 2 babies, fitness goals I have, finding a way back to doing what I love - teaching Bodyattack, alongside those things all the emotions, feelings and thoughts that go with it.

I will be using a phrase I learnt from my little girl a few years ago when she was 5/6 going on 21, I might even get the t-shirt :)
To my negative self....... negative thought patterns.............
'YOUR NOT THE BOSS OF ME' this year and onwards, I'm the boss, I make the choice.

Can't wait to share 2011 with you.


Maryanne said...

Well done Shar - you are already winning by making the choice to make it your year. Its a great start to put out there what you want to do - we can then all support you in 'your' journey.
Enjoy the last couple of weeks before you get to meet your new bubba xxx

Shar said...

Thanks Maryanne!
Yes please on the support but also some constructive criticism, suggestions and sometimes a kick up the ass !!

The Stark's said...

Awesome Shar! And love the blog title. Rock it baby.

PS Thanks for keeping "Blogs I read" on your sidebar. Makes my life easier ;)

The Stark's said...

Oh and just had a look at your goals. Honesty from me to? I think there's too much pressure on you here with the numbers. Why not halve them and take a bit longer? If you do achieve these ones then fabulous and you're ahead of the game but if you don't how will you feel? Will you get down on yourself?

Of course, you can always tell me to "bugger off."

Shar said...

Shelley, you crack me up!!Bugger off, no not really ;)
YES YES YES Honesty always please!

mmmmmm.... true though food for thought, I suppose I see 9 months as taking a bit longer (usual approach is about 8-12 weeks to do the impossible) but maybe your right maybe I keep my goal of 37kg total but reduce the monthly goals a bit?

THANKS Hun, something to review already, I LOVE IT!!

Maryanne said...

I can do all of that and more if you need it Shar - even a coffee catch up on one of my trips to Perth.

I have been told I do I really good job of kicking people into gear and giving them a foot up the ass!!!!

I love your goals up the side of your blog and the new design!

M. x

Kek said...

Love the new look/name!


fittingbackin said...

Good for you for finding a way to make it work for you and your time!

Bug's Mumma said...

Love your goals. And yes, it is hard to find ME time with kids - hell I find it hard enough with one! Give yourself at least a year to lose the weight too - remember its taken you around 2 years to gain it all xoxo

Nic said...

Hi Shar,
Haven't commented for a while. All the best for the upcoming birth...so exciting.
Good luck with all your 2011 goals too. My advice is to to focus on small goals and you will get there. I put on 25kg in my pregancy and my baby is now 7 months old and I am really happy that I have lost 26kg and am still losing. It seemed like a huge task at the start but I just focused on getting 0.5kg a week and month by month it came off. You are going to have a very busy year ahead of you but the busier you are the more you seem to get done so I look forward to reading about all your success in the coming months.
Good luck,

Andrea said...

Hi Shar,

I'm glad that you figured out what you want to do with your blog.

I tend to agree with some of the others here - and you know what babies are like - you just never can tell what they are going to be like - so one day at a time.

I haven't even thought about weight loss - I just trust that the breastfeeding and ability to do exercise again will work it's magic.

I'll be right there with you though!


Frankie said...

Hi there. Finally catching up on some blogs. Sorry you've had a few probs hun. Thinking of you and all your bubs xxx