Friday, October 22, 2010

1 sleep & getting back on track

So the results of the poll show those that commented (thanks by the way!) think I may be having a girl, or have at least guessed girl :)
I must say I do feel Im having a girl too, I can truly say I have no preference, Im glad bubs is so far fit and healthy, but I am every excited to find out as I hate surprises and am sooooo impatient.

1 sleep til we have our scan on Saturday at 9am, I am not only excited to see what the result is but also the fact that we get to see the bubs.
When Preg and its a normal preg, you get your 12 week scan which you are relived about as unless you have alot of early symptoms and even those could have disappeared by 8-9 weeks it the first time you are reassured that there is actually a baby in there and its the first time you get to see bubs.
Then the next time is 20 weeks, 8 whole weeks later!! Unless your lucky and feel bubs early, at this stage you still want the reassurance everything is ok.
Then there are no more scans, but you get the doppler each ob/midwife visit and you hear heartbeat.
Im lucky enough that Paul has a client that's a Ob's Doctor so we will get a 'extra' scan at about 30 weeks.
Also I have hired a doppler for the next month so the kids can hear bubs and bond a bit and it helps me until the movement become regular and stronger.

Anyway, enough about bubs, onto my training and nutrition. As with Freddy's pregnancy I have bad Morning sickness and fatigue, this disappeared at about 10 -11 weeks, then I got sick with a bad cold and then cough which stuck around for 4 weeks. These two combined left me inactive and the MS had me reaching for whatever seemed to ease that which sometimes wasn't such great choices.

So my aim last week was to start with my powerwalking again and I got 3 in 2 x 4km's and 1 x 6km.
This week my aim was to clean up my nutrition a little and start to focus again on being prepared a bit more, focus on eating organic/free range and look at the different stages of preg and what bubs needs when.
Also to increase my exercise a bit more to at least 4-5 sessions per week.

I am please to report it is going well and I'm at 4 sessions, hoping to finish on 5 or maybe 6.
Nutrition is good and choices have been better although I refuse to give up my small serve of green and blacks each day and love having that with my cuppa in the evening :)
I will also not give up having a treat here and there when out with hubby, meeting friends for coffee etc.
My aim with regards to my weight is to keep my preg weight gain to the 'guidelines' like i did with Freddy but mainly this time it is to learn from my choices after bubs last time as this is when I saw some excess kilos load on for various reasons, lessons learnt.

Have a great weekend and I may pop on and reveal the colour of bubs once we have had the scan tomorrow!

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Frankie said...

Glad you are improving food choices ... I did opposite. Really great choices with first bub, bad with second (still put on exactly same amount of weight though! LOL)