Monday, October 25, 2010

Why do I let flies bother me so much??

So the change in weather has come in Perth and so with that comes the flies when I'm tryingt o get on with my powerwalk each day.

I cannot explain why the bother me so much!!!! Seriously I get really pi%#ed at them.

Why do they have to land on on my lips?
Then just up my nostril, then my eyelid, then sometime if they really wanna pi%# me they land right in the corner of my eye!!!!!

Anyway, had a great walk and I suppose th epositive of the flies is my heart rate goes higher from trying to wave my arm around getting them off me and the fact im all wound up at them!
BONUS - Extra fitness and calories :)


Raechelle said...

I can tell you why they bother you so much..because they suck..LOL! Be grateful...with Chrissy & New Year celebrations comes the dung beetle...YAY...always such a relief!

Nicole said...

Yep - I hate flies too. We always seem to have a plague around our house when summer arrives. Cause we have an old house there are no fly screens and so they buzz around the freakin house driving me crazy!! They are real smart arses too as they just love buzzing just in front of my face!! Grrr

NOW - you are keeping me in suspense!! Were you able to find out the sex of baby #4???

I hope you are well :) xx

Frankie said...

A giant blowfly snuck in our office...seriously if I don't catch the bastard I'm going to go POSTAL. It is driving me NUUUUUUTS!