Saturday, October 2, 2010

A busy week, Baby No.4 & my update

So the first week of kids holidays was a busy one.

Stated with a public holiday here in WA, which was great, an extended weekend with Paul and the kids.
Since Paul has been working full-time in the city weekends have become a bit more precious and I love it when we get to Friday's.
Maddi had a day out with her friend on Tuesday which she was excited about.

Wednesday we had Bryce playing away for the 14's WAFL Development Squad (made up of all the good players from the whole district).
He has been training with them since being put through by his coach and then on Monday we found out he made the final squad that would go on to play in the carnival through the holidays.
They won and he said it was a great experience although he was a little nervous. He has a game on Sunday which Paul will get to come to so that's good.

Here's a picture I took of him before the match, they have to go dressed in dress trousers, shoes and the Subiaco FC Polo shirt, he looked very smart and old!!!!!, still my baby though, I don't think he will ever be anything else :)

Maddi started in her new group at gymnastics on Thursday, she was excited as she has been working hard to make it to the next group. So 3 and a half hours of training later she came home shattered. Training today again, 4 hours this time, she will probably walk out asleep :)

As you can see from the picture of Freddy in my last post hes getting a big boy and I cannot believe he is over 7 months now. He got his two bottom teeth at 4 1/2 months which I think is early, I can't remember my other two having teeth that early, anyway the others have just come in a steady flow and hes got 5 now, the top ones look so cute when he smiles.

As for the bubs on the way, we had a scan a couple of weeks back and all is well. Growing strong and sitting on dates just nicely.
I have booked in (as we did with Freddy) for a 3d/4d scan in 3 weeks and will find out what we are having, some might remember I hate surprises so just have to find out, I also love bonding with bubs a bit more and also getting organised.

I did initially think we may be seeing another blue bundle on the way (had a feeling from the very first scan at 7 weeks) but now both Paul and I think we are having a girl. All exciting and it doesn't matter either way.

Here's a picture, back view of head and arm up waving :)

AFM - I'm a little frazzled if I'm honest, being pregnant whilst having a young baby (plus 2 others!) is tough but luckily Freddy is an angel. I do need to focus on getting a little more sleep, but I have been finding that by the time that everything is done in the evening and the kids are in bed I like to have a bit of chill out time rather than just fall into bed, I'll have to just find a balance, sit and chill for a set period of time and then make myself get up and go to bed.

I returned to my Part Time Group Fitness Managers job on August 1st, returning on flexible work arrangements, 2 club days when Paul could have Freddy and the rest from home. When I realised how easy Freddy was I started getting a bit fidgety and wanted to get my teeth into something again but i soon realised I have come full circle with that job, its not for me anymore, its a hassle not a love.
I also found working with a baby is not for us, well not working for someone else anyway, I am now looking into doing something from home, starting my own hobby/business etc, no rush though my time with Freddy is precious and even if I do start/find something it will allow me the best of both worlds.
So I am currently working my notice and finish next Sunday !! FOR GOOD, no maternity leave, finishing up for good, it feels great.

Anyway, that's about all my news, off to read some blogs that I need to catch up on.
Shar x


Hilary said...

Wow Freddy is such a big boy now! Where is the time going??

I reckon you must be supermum, with 2 older kids, a baby, and another on the way! I'm with you though - I sacrifice a little bit of sleep in order to stay up a bit later at night and have some chill out time... I think thats important too :)

Good luck with setting up a business from home!

Hilary xx

Frankie said...

your boy is looking SO grown up since the last photo I saw... a young man now. Mine has had a major growth spurt. Looks like a gangly daddy long legs. Glad all's well with you.