Friday, November 5, 2010

Eco Tankas

You may or may not know that we stock Eco Tankas the stainless steel drinks bottle, of course I'm sure your all aware of the benefits of not drinking from Plastic and also the fact that these bottles last forever pretty much! Anyway I am nearing the time to put in a new order but need to clear out the remaining first so we know where we are at.

As a few of the blogger girlies have ordered from me previously I thought I'd place on here my remaining stock so all your health conscious peeps out there can get one from me if you need.
It s a great time to get sorted before the weather heats up and the koolers really do help keep cool water cool!

I need to clear stock so have lowered the cost from the RRP (rrp in brackets). This is what I have left to clear -

2 x Teeny Tanka 350ml with Screw in Loop Top - $ 15.00 ($17.90)
1 x Teeny Tanka 350ml with Pop up Sports lid - $15.00 ($17.90)
TEENY KOOLER - 1 x PINK - $6.00 ($7.95)
Teeny Tanka Adapter and Avent Sippy Spout - $10.00 ($14.95)

1 x Mini Tanka 600ml with Screw in Loop Top - $18.00 ($22.00)
1 x Mini Tanka 600ml with Pop up Sports Lid - $18.00 ($22.00)

1 x Supa Tanka 1.2l With Pop up Sports Lid - $23.00 ($27.50)
SUPA KOOLER - 1 x DARK BLUE - $8.00 ($10.95)

1 x Mega Tanka 2.0l with Screw in Loop Top - $29.00 ($34.75)
MEGA KOOLER - 1 x Black - $9.00 ($11.95)

If your interested, please e mail me and I can confirm postage, pretty much they all go in a $6.00 pre-paid Satchel and can get 2 of the smaller ones in one satchel, apart from the MEGA TANKA!!!! which has to go in a big satchel or I can send as a parcel a bit cheaper I believe.

Here's a picture for those that don't know what they look like -

And one with some of the koolers, colours I have are listed above -

Why not grab someone you care about who is still drinking from plastic a Chrissie pressie?

Shar x


Andrea said...

HI Shar,

I have been look at buying one of these for a while. Can I buy the 1.2 Lt one with the supa kooler please?


Shar said...

Hey Andrea, sure you can, I will search my e mails for the one you sent a while back and reply with details for the SUPA TANKA.

Shar :)