Monday, November 1, 2010

Joining In - Nailing November

I'm jumping into November with Liz and alot of others and Nailing November

The things I will nail in November are -

- My bedtime - been getting to late, back to earlier nights to ensure I have the energy to work full time (SAHM, Wife and Housekeeper), be pregnant! and train as well as possible.

- Try really hard to work on, as Paul puts it, my 'throw my hands in the air' habit when things get hard / tough / get on top of me etc etc.

- Be confident enough to pursue my current project

- Appreciate everyday, everything I have.

Well, nothing to hard there but just need to revisit these daily to ensure I'm on top of them and you never know November could bring some great new habits!

THANKS Liz and good luck all that are nailing!! :)

Shar x


Michelle said...

Good goals Shar! Looking forward to hearing how you go :o)

lastchancetraining said...

Awesome Shar - it's great to be "nailing" it alongside you :)

fitandfabinmyforties said...

I love the variety coming up on these "nailing it" lists. Good luck with yours!

Chelle said...

All the best with your nailing list!