Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes.........

...........or a 6 year old

Me and my girl walk to school every morning, I started this a way of getting extra quality time with her, Freddy gets to see lots and gets fresh air, and I get to push 21kg and powerwalk for exercise, win win.

Along with all the above benefits is the fact that my girl and I have so much fun, generally we talk about fairy's, looking at all the different fairy gardens etc plus I hear all the details of school etc.

Anyway yesterday I was cracking up as the following conversation occurred, about 3/4
of the way to school, along a quiet side street, we see a baby magpie -

Me - Oh look there's a baby magpie
Her - Where?
Me - On the grass there look *pointing*
Her - How do you know that's a baby?
Me - You see its all fluffy and grey, the colours of its feathers aren't sharp, its smaller as well
Her - Whats he doing there?
Me - Well they have to learn to survive on there own, so they leave their mummy and have to learn everything for themselves
Her - Really? That's very sad
Me - Whys that sad?
Her - Well I wouldn't want to be born in a hedge on the side of the road and have to leave you to survive on my own, poor Magpie.

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