Monday, August 31, 2009

August Challenge, September Goal and Christmas :)

So August is nearly over and I am pleased with how my new monthly challenge went.

I love to get outside and jog/run but due to being pregnant I have had to pull back on that and decided that I would still take advantage of being here in Australia and enjoy the beautiful outdoors but Powerwalk instead (I have put a few bouts of jogging in when I feel good!).

So I started this half way through August and decided on a goal of 45km in the half month, I'm pleased to say I walked the last 8km today which saw me hit my goal KM's.
Here's how my KM's /Days looked -

So bearing in mind
1) I am nearing 16 weeks preggers, will be nearly 21 by the time September is complete,
2) I am still teaching 9 Group Fitness class a week,
3) I did get a little behind in the half month goal
so, I am not going to just double the half month to get my month goal, plus September has a day less.
I am setting my goal for the whole month of September at 80km.
Other stuff - It was my birthday on Wednesday and I was totally spoilt!! I had the best day ever thanks to Paul and my two bestest things.
Les Mills - I have just had it confirmed I will present for Les Mills at the next Quarterly workshop!! I will present Bodyvive, on my own! at 26 weeks preggers. I am actually looking forward to it already, I aim to be in the best pregnant shape I can be, I don't need a reason or motivation but its good for me to have an extra push to stay focused and on track with exercise and food.
September already!! Have a great one, time flies........Christmas is only 116 days away!

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KRISTIN said...

Hi Shar!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today... as strange as this may seem, I have actually used you to help inspire me on a number of occasions as I have been watching the All Females 2008 DVD (amoung others) when doing my cardio some days... you looked amazing and I have loved watching you up there... I really am looking forward to the experience. I hope to see you up there again!