Monday, August 17, 2009

Update time - LIFE'S GOOD!!

Oh lots to say, lots happened so I'm gonna cut the fluff and do it in list form.

  • I'm now over 13 weeks preggers, sickness has stopped, just a bit tired but other than that feeling great, belly growing, here's a pic from 2 weeks ago at 11 weeks! popped out a bit sooner than number 1 & 2 but they say that's normally what happens.

  • Had my scan on Friday, baby growing well and turning all over the place. Here's another pic
This is the baby turned away from shot so back of head and back with arm and hand at top.

  • I have found out the gender of both previous pregnancies and will do for this one, I have a 3D gender scan booked for 4 weeks time so will know what we are having soon!!! YAY!

  • I am still teaching all my classes and loving them. Got a few changes coming up due to out 3 monthly roster change happening week commencing Monday 31st August.

  • I have spent some time assessing my beliefs and habits with regards to food and exercise and made some changes now I have assessed what works and what doesn't.

  • I have decided on a new focus with regards to exercise other than my classes and it is linked to the fact I love to jog outdoors and although I still could (I'm Bodyattack'ing I can definitely still jog!) I have decided I will focus on power walking outdoors during pregnancy, setting an amount of KM's I want to cover each month.

  • We have had 2 new additions to the family by way of two guinea pigs, Cloud and Spike, the kids have one each but I am very taken with them.

  • I have my 1/4ly Les Mills Bodyvive Presentation on Saturday, trying to decide whether to do the next 1/4 in November, I'll be 26 weeks by then and wondering if I want the pressure I put on myself to present to the instructors of Perth, um, decisions, decisions.

  • Boyhead's footy team has made finals!! I love it sooooo much, I cannot explain what I feel when I watch him play, it is truly the highlight of my week.

  • Also love to hear about my girls achievements at gymnastics, she is now somersaulting and casting of bars to go right round, those things at 5!! that's what training with the Australian Institute of Sport gets you.
  • Oh yes, so other self development work, I am really trying to live in the now, whilst we have to learn from the past, it can be harmful to dwell. Whilst we may need to look to the future and plan (which I have done compulsively before) we need to have leniency and be adaptable. The past has gone and the future isn't here yet so why not just enjoy what we have right now?
  • Anyway, must go and get tea

  • Have been reading everyone Else's blogs even whilst absent from posting myself

  • Until next time, I'll be clocking up the miles, logging my food and enjoying life, IN THE NOW!! See ya. x


Anonymous said...

Hey gorgeous!!

I'm not in blog world anymore - well not posting, but i'm stil here lurking around. Keep updating us - love reading your journey!!!

Fifi Dangerfield said...

Hey Shar. So glad you're feeling better. So..second trimester... other wise known as the "horny-mester". (as opposed to the puke-mester and the fat-mester)....

Shar said...

Hey missy tank!! Thanks for dropping by, hope your doing well and enjoying life. x

Well Frankie, last time you commented on my pregnancy, just days later the comment came to fruition and I got morning sickness, lets see what happens this time ;)
Thanks for dropping by, hope your ok.

KatieP said...

Love this

The past has gone and the future isn't here yet so why not just enjoy what we have right now?
Anyway, must go and get tea

Glad you are doing so well and feeling better. ♥

Abby said...

You are looking great! With my second baby, I "popped out" at 7 weeks! Hope your 3D scan goes well and that your little one cooperates! :)

Hilary said...

You are looking great Shar!! How cute are the scan pics? I love the little hand!

Sounds like you are super busy, I dont know how you fit it all in!

Hilary xx

fittingbackin said...

Just found your blog - love it! what a great update - eeee - guinea pigs! My stepsister had one named Banjo!! They're SO sweet! Yay for your pending 3-d - how exciting!!

Anonymous said...

You're looking positively radiant Shar. :o) xxx