Friday, August 28, 2009

What type of bottle are you drinking from?

As a family we drink from ECO-TANKA's, Paul and I , as part of our business we are stockists of Eco-Tanka's.

With the amount of water figure girls drink or even just people that exercise regularly which we all pretty much do, I wanted to let all you bloggers know this so if you haven't already converted away from plastic, if and when you do, you can just shoot me an e mail and before you know it you can be ECO-TANKA'd up.
Here's some reasons why you should drink from Stainless Steel and not be drinking from plastic -
Frequently Asked Questions
Why Stainless Steel?
 Stainless steel is one of the most hygienic materials available. Its unique surface has no
pores or cracks to harbour dirt, grime or bacteria. This is why it is so commonly used in
cookware, food preparation and commercial kitchens.
 It is corrosion resistant, non-leaching and safe!
 You can switch between water, juice or milk drinks and there will be no taste or smell of any
of them after the bottle has been washed!
 With proper care, stainless steel has a useful life expectancy of over 100 years and it is 100%
recyclable! This makes ECOtanka both long lasting and environmentally friendly.

What grade stainless steel are the bottles made from?
The ECOtanka stainless steel bottles are made from 304 grade stainless steel (also referred to as
This is a high grade stainless steel used extensively for equipment in both domestic and
commercial kitchens. It is the grade most commonly used in the food industry due to its superior
corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning.

Why not Aluminum?
It has been found that foods cooked in aluminum can react with the metal to form aluminum salts.
There is a high likelihood that prolonged exposure to these can lead to toxic effects, which means
that drink bottles made from aluminum need to be lined with something to make them safe for us
to use. The most common substance used for lining these bottles is an epoxy resin, which in itself
may contain harmful chemicals. It may also retain odours.

Why not Polycarbonate? (Form of plastic).
The basic unit that makes up polycarbonate is Bisphenol A, originally synthesized in the 1930's
as an oestrogen for pharmacological use. The fragility of the structure of these bonded units
results in significant leaching of Bisphenol A into a variety of substances. Bisphenol A has been
shown to be an endocrine disruptor and to simulate the action of oestrogenic compounds. There
is also evidence that Bisphenol A enhances growth of human breast cancer cells. Bisphenol
leaching is considerably greater in polycarbonate that is scratched, cloudy, or exhibits wear of
any sort. Heating also accelerates the leaching process.

Will ECOtanka Stainless Steel Bottles keep drinks cold?
ECOtanka stainless steel bottles are not insulated, so they will not keep drinks cold. If you wish to
keep your drinks cold, fit an insulating jacket/holder to your bottle. These are available from a
number of outlets.

Where are ECOtanka Stainless Steel Bottles manufactured?
ECOtanka Stainless Steel Bottles are machine manufactured in China to a very high standard,
complying with all general manufacturing regulations

Here's a picture of the Eco-Tanka with the custom coolers on.

Paul and the kids have them on all the time, I will put mine on coming into summer.
The openings are big enough to be able to fit Ice cubes in, that and a Kooler and they stay soooooo cold.

Here's our price list -

ECOTANKA - Description - Price
teeny TANKA - 350ml with sports (pop-up) cap - $21
mini TANKA - 600ml with sports (pop-up) cap - $23
sports TANKA - 800ml with sports (pop-up) cap - $25
supa TANKA - 1.2L with sports (pop-up) cap - $30

Additional Caps - Stainless Steel Loop Cap - $5.50

teeny TANKA - KOOLER - $8
mini TANKA - KOOLER - $9
sports TANKA - KOOLER - $10
supa TANKA - KOOLER - $11

SUPA Tanka 1.2l

I had to put this picture in, how cute are the TEENY Tankas!!! (350ml)

If you are interested in getting your family and friends drinking from Eco-Tanka's and want more info or postage costs please feel free to e mail me on my business e mail,
Have a great Friday all,
Shar x

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RaeC said...

That is so cool to know you stock Eco-tanka's... I bought one about a year ago and another one about 6 months ago. LOVE my eco-tanka and now I know where to go closer to home to get one!! xxx

PS. my word verification today is "crudery"... LMAO!!