Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What has pregnanacy done?

For me it has changed my way of thinking. It is a whole new experience, a whole new stage in your life, EVEN IF YOU HAVE DONE IT BEFORE and what it has done for me is sent me back into the mindset of assessing what is important.

Whats important -
Simply put .... Paul, the kids and my Family, a few good friends I have and Myself.
If I didn't have the above I don't feel I could function or even live.
When I look at everything else I have or have wanted......... I don't need it, I could manage without it.
So why is it I have spent soooooo much time wanting, wondering, worrying about everything else that sometimes I lose sight of whats important.

More now than ever before I feel at the right time to embrace this and work at trying to change it, it will be hard, I have gotten into the habit of worrying, wanting and wondering about basically put, SHIT.
Paul has been educating himself not only professionally but personally and been focusing on being in the now as that is the only moment we really have, RIGHT NOW.
I'm trying to do that and it does help, I'm a planner and like things to run just right but the moment something 'ruins' the plan, I throw in the towel.

So recently rather than sitting down and planning the next 22 weeks (not quite that excessive but close enough!) exercise, classes, work, family stuff, I sitting the night before and looking at what I can realistically do tomorrow? Planning but on a smaller scale.

What tasks/work do I need to complete today?
What classes do I have to teach?
What other exercise can I do physically and with what time I have ?
What are my nutritional goals?
What do I need to do for my family?

Because you know what, what I have learnt is that unless you can actually see your plan through, unless you actually put your plan into action, unless you can actually complete the smaller daily tasks you set yourself, day in and day out consistently......... YOU WILL NOT BE ANY CLOSER TO YOUR 'PLANNED' DESTINATION, you will feel that you are constantly trying, constantly fighting to get there.
Working one day at a time ensures you do the best you can each day, then the days clock up, become a week, that becomes two and so on, that becomes your routine to wake up and do the best you can with what you have to do each day.

Have a goal, have a destination, know where you are going but remember what you are doing NOW, today, is important to making there. Don't feel a success when you achieve the one big goal you have set, be successful EVERY DAY.

Have a great day doing what you need to do today to feel great tonight!!
Shar x

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