Sunday, April 20, 2008

13 Weeks Out down to 12 Weeks Out

Where did the week go? I have had a great week:
  • Bryce played footy, scored two goals and got man of the match :)
  • Kids are on Holidays,
  • Changed my GFM position hours to suit me better and that has made a big difference,
  • Spent time with Paul,
  • Taught some great classes,
  • Trained hard,
  • Cardio'd well,
  • Ate 100% to plan,
  • Lowered stats.

So a great week and here's to another.

Did skinfolds, measurements, weight and pictures today. Losses all round again, not a good as the first week but that's to be expected.

Days 8 -14 of 98

Training - Taught 5 Bodyattacks, 2 Bodyvives and 2 Bodybalances, 3 Weights, 1 RPM and other additional cardio sessions

Nutrition - Food and water eaten as prescribed.

Results - Weight Lost - 0.7kg
Skinfold Lost - 8mm
CM's Lost - 6cm

My weekly results are on the right now, followed by my Totals So Far.

I am severely bloaty and fluidy due to TTOM approaching fast, so can't wait to get rid of that and perhaps See another great week next week. Spoke with Di on the phone this evening, great to talk to her and get a very positive vibe down the line.

Have to get to bed as I need my energy for my Sunday morning Bodyattack, I love this class and give everything I have.

Will try and post more this week. Shar x

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