Monday, April 14, 2008

14 Weeks Out down to 13 Weeks Out

Thought I better update as if I'm not careful the weekend Will be back around again.

So how did my first week of prep go?
Very well. 100% with food and training and some great results at the end of the week.

Days 1-7 of 98

Taught 4 Bodyattacks,
2 Bodyvives and 2 Bodybalances
3 Weights sessions
2 RPM and other additional cardio sessions

Food and water eaten as prescribed.

Drop in Skinfolds - 25mm
Drop on Scales - 3.5kg
Drop in measurements - 24.

So as you can see massive drops, bound to happen in my first week and more to shift this time as i'm starting up on all measurements, skinfolds and weight.

But all good and I will be there in July looking better than last year.

I had a few mind games at the weekend but soon got over them.
I now have an understanding from my NLP / Mind coaching sessions where alot of my reasoning for relating to food and my emotions comes from and alot of my self worth issues and doubt come from.
Now I just think I am worth way more than mindlessly stuffing food down me.
It helps to think slowly and surely through these feelings, they are bound to resurface as they have been with me a long time, totally unaware of some of them but so relevant.
Its all clear now and I am able to work through it all.

Now that's the mind games, CRAVINGS are a totally different ball game!! :0
I made my boy lunch on Sunday, he had peanut butter!!!!!!! I think maybe this is my favourite food??? the smell, the texture of spreading it etc was so hard, just wanted to put a spoon in the tub! Downed some water, made myself busy and all was well.

Anyway, rambling on now, have a great week if I don't get back before Saturday with my next lot of results.

Shar x


Hilary said...

Wow those results are fantastic Shar!! Well done for staying away from the peanut butter - makes it all the more challenging when you still have your fave food in the house!

Hilary xx

Hilds said...

Sounds like your off to a great start, can't believe you can lose that much weight in a week! Well done on controlling those negative thoughts and cravings.

Keep up the great work Shar.

Shar said...

Thanks Girls!!

been through week 1 so many times, trying to start my prep! Definately found the switch this time, what a difference having a 'leader' makes :)

Bring on week 2 results I say!

Shar x

Lisa said...

Great to see you are getting you head in the right space.


Charlotte Orr said...

Great work Shar! Glad you like quote. I'm sure as long as you say it's by Aaron Potts it will be fine to use. Have a great weekend!

Antigone said...

Fantastic results hun, keep up the great work :)
I am the same when I am making my daughters lunches and like you grab the water and get busy I have to say my house is very clean this week LOL