Friday, April 4, 2008

I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.....

Wow that's a long title!! :)

OK, no bullshit, no fluffy stuff, no excuses, just here it is straight down the line.

16 weeks out - 15 weeks out - as posted 100%, great results, all good.

15 weeks out - 14 weeks out - CRAP, well not all crap.

I am not expecting any loss this week across any of the 3 measures I use.
I injured myself last Friday, off to doctors on Saturday, told to take week off, yeah like that's gonna happen.
Took Saturday, Sunday and Monday off, no choice I had too, too sore to exercise, back to it on Tuesday until today.
This pissed me, I'm an all or nothing which is what I have been trying to work on both myself, with Liz previously and with my Life coaching / NLP.
Pleased to say I didn't blow out totally but I did fall of the wagon on the weekend, yes, after I had pulled a week of amazing results!!

Although I feel I could, I have decided I will not prep myself, I could make it but it would be a testing time, with lots of fighting etc. I figure why would I make an already demanding period worse for myself, so I have enlisted some help.

I will hopefully be contributing to the success of FABULOUS FIGURES, with Di prepping me for the ALL FEMALES. Di has a clear idea of how she wants me to come in, so I can step on stage having improved on last year and that is what its all about.

I have spent the past week e mailing back and forth LOTS of info so Di can compile my cardio and nutrition plans (hubby still in charge of the muscle side!!) and I received my schedule yesterday, I was like a kid in a candy shop!! (same as Rae gets when she gets her new programmes!!)

If only I had made this decision a few weeks ago I would be well on my way by now.
Anyway, can't look back.

I am so ready to hit this hard, I feel like I just have to 'do' now, I don't have to 'think and do'!!
I gave 100% last year when accountable, not once did I stray from what was being asked of me, so know I can this year. I just have to focus afterwards on learning to be accountable to myself and finding the balance.

So my time with Di starts tomorrow - 14 weeks out - GAME ON!!

Have a great weekend
Shar x


Anonymous said...

Here's what I see:

1. Snaps for being 100% honest with yourself and with us,
2. Snaps for not beating yourself up over the little things, and
3. Snaps for being a big enought person to ask for help.

So in my eyes, that's a winning attitude. You can't go wrong, onwards and upwards my friend.

Lia xx

Combat Girl said...

Your goal is still the same as is your drive and determination.

Good Luck Shar


Claudine said...

14 weeks for you... 12 for me!
Wwwwaaahou! :)

Shar said...

Lia - I was worried about the 'oh here she goes again' judgement I may get, but back to my comment to you previously, they don't have to read if they don't want to and I wanted to keep my promise of being 100% honest.
And yep, I realized I need a 'coach' and probably always will, but luckily I sorted it in time and I WILL be on stage in July.
Thank You for your comment.

CG - The goal is still the same, great way of looking at it!. Suddenly I feel more driven and if thats what being accountable does for me, then I will do what I need to do. :)

Claudine - Not long now!! I still can't get back to the translated version of your blog, will keep playing with it.

Raechelle said...

Cool! Sounds like a plan! Good luck!

Antigone said...

Good on you hun :)
Not only have you been honest with us you have been honest with yourself and the truth sometimes hurts but I reckon it has built you up and helped create a new beginning with the help of Di fantastic hun :)