Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Always moving forward

Where have you come from?
What have you learnt?
Where are you going?
I have done alot of work in my Mind Coaching / NLP sessions on the above.
I still have to check in with these on a regular basis.
Having answers / insight to the above questions has taught me alot about why I feel the way I do sometimes, why I react the way I do to different people and certain situations but most importantly, where I'm heading with this information and how I am using it to move forward and enrich mine and my families future.
Shar x


Magda said...

Hi Shar,

interesting questions!!

All too often we DO run through life so quickly that the past and future just become a blur.

A nice prompt top stop and do some valuable assessment.



Shar said...

Thanks Magda.
Shar x

Combat Girl said...

Wonderful to see that you are you starting to enjoy this journey of yours.

It takes a while for us all to realise where we are heading but once we do its so much easier.

Thinking of you.