Saturday, August 2, 2008

Back to it - WA States here I come!

Thank you to everyone who has commented on my pics, the common theme coming out was that most thought my legs looked good!!!!! Talk about a distorted vision of oneself, I was so worried about my legs, but having looked at the pictures now I do agree there is a good amount of muscle there and the shape didn't turn out to bad. Just need to keep gaining a little more on all upper areas and lean the legs out a tad more. I have received my pictures now and here's one of my fav's......

So with 3 weeks of indulgence under my belt, literally!, since I competed at the All Females,

I am back on the prep train - 10 Weeks / 70 days out from the INBA WA State Titles, October 11th.

I have consistently trained since comp, both cardio and weights, Paul and I even went to the gym, Fitness First - South Yarra, on the Tuesday morning at 6am after comp before we flew back to Perth.

Food has been a little loose, Paul and I had a good two days in Melbourne after comp, we have had my in-laws here until last night, went away for a week etc so have been having a little of whatever I fancied, some days alot of what I fancied! :)

Sharing a platter with Paul at Koko Black, Melbourne.

So I plan on logging my days on here as I want his blog to be more about my Figure journey, Training and Nutrition and my mindset, that is what I started it for back in Dec 2005!
So apart from logging my daily bits and bobs thats about it, no doubt there will be more pics over the next week or so :)
Shar x


Day 1 of 70

Cardio - Bodyattack

Meals 1 – 6 eaten on plan
Water – 3 litres
Supplements and Vitamins taken
Herbal tea throughout the day

Recovery / Relaxation
Spent most of the afternoon dozing on the sofa, lucky me, I never do this and it has done me the world of good. I did this because I felt a bit weird today, not ill but generally a bit zapped. THANKS PAUL!

Sleep last night
7 Hours

Not bad today considering I find the first day of tightening the reigns a bit tough, but I am really happy with how I have been mentally since comp in comparison to last year. Bring it on I say. I really want to walk the talk, be a role model to my kids and my members and eventually find my 'happy' place, this will obviously be the test after next comp when there isn't another one to focus on straight away.

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Donna said...

Hi Shar,

I'm normally a lurker but just had to say that you looked great at the All Females and can't wait to see you on stage at the WA State Titles. I will make sure I yell loud and will come and say hi.