Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bodyvive 8

The time is nearly here!! I'm pooping my pants now!

Saturday see's me present Bodyvive for Les Mills, it seems a long time ago now that I got a call from the Training Manager for Les Mills Asia Pacific telling me they were very interested in me as a presenter for Bodyvive and Bodybalance & it has just snowballed from there and I have a busy but very exciting 4 months (and beyond) ahead of me.

In true Group Fitness Manager / Les Mills presenter styley I will post you bit of info on Bodyvive as its the newest programme from Les Mills.
BODYVIVE™ is the low-impact group fitness workout that lets you choose just how hard you work. Using the VIVE™ balls, VIVE™ tubes and optional hand weights you’re talked step-by-step through the entire class by a skilled instructor, while listening to uplifting and inspiring music. Best of all, you finish feeling thoroughly rejuvenated – and fizzing with energy.
A Typical Class
BODYVIVE™ starts with a simple warmup in an opening Heart Fitness block and continues with a Functional Strength block before a final block of core and restorative exercises.
1. Rise and Shine
The class opens with easy, flowing moves to warm and limber up the joints. These often have a tai chi feel.
2. Connect and Go
The movements get bigger and the heart rate faster as we introduce the VIVE™ ball to turn the focus towards the core. This is where we start to break a sweat and feel the challenge of the workout.
3. Dance Cardio
Use your VIVE™ ball as a partner, as you explore a variety of simple dance steps and rhythms. The moves promote good gait and hip mobility by shifting the body around to the music.
4. Interactive Cardio
Class members work together in pairs or larger groups in a fun track based on walking.
5. Fitness Cardio
Lift the heart rate again with big, simple, athletic moves, usually involving the VIVE™ ball.
6. Tai Chi and Yoga
Drop down a gear to work on mobility and flexibility with elements of these eastern disciplines. There is a big focus on deep breathing.
7. Balance and Leg Strength
Balancing your body – on one leg or two – trains the leg muscles and stabilizes the postural muscles that support great posture.
8. Functional Strength (1)
Use the VIVE™ tube to work and build strength in specific muscles.
9. Functional Strength (2)
Use the VIVE™ tube to work and build strength in specific muscles.
10. Ab Strengthener
Strengthen and tone the deep and superficial muscles of the abdomen with Pilates-based slow and controlled moves using the VIVE™ ball.
11. Back Care
A combination of strength and mobility work performed on the floor or all fours.
12. Release and Restore
Long-held stretches to unwind the body and complete the class.
Shar x


Combat Girl said...

You are going to be EXCELLENT up on stage Shar. Wish I was there to cheer you on!!!

Good luck


Maryanne said...

Shar, you will shine on that stage......
have a fantastic time - the memories of that number 1 time will be with you forever. xxx

Combat Girl said...

Hi Shar,

How did you go today???

Let us know!!