Saturday, August 23, 2008

I did it!!

Thanks to Theo (CG) for checking in to see how I went today and to my sis who just popped up on messenger to check in on me.

I'm pleased to say, it went well!! YAY!!
Chorie 100%, All initial/set up cues done, follow up cues done, the what, the how and the why done and some ''''''MAGIC''''' thrown in (Nic, wish you were here, you would have been loving the LM cheese!), especially in my Dance Cardio track - FAME!

Technique stayed strong, so pleased with the overall presentation, I will no doubt have feedback given to me with things to work on and to that I say - BRING IT ON, feedback is great it can only make us better.

I feel alot of relief tonight and cannot wait to go to the 2nd day of Quarterlies tomorrow to do Bodybalance and Bodyattack - the Bodyattack music and moves are amazing, I picked up my pack today!! gave me goosebumps when I watched the DVD, now that's loving your work :)

When I did my Bodycombat training in 2003 in the UK, I came home from my training and said to Paul that one day I will be a trainer/presenter, today proved to me how much I want this and I am so excited to see where my path will take me.................what a journey I have ahead of me and I'm gonna enjoy every moment.

Have a great weekend
Shar x


nicola said...

That last paragraph made me sob, actually uncontrollably, loudly weap! I'm not sure wether its because i'm not with you to enjoy fab times together. Or because you are living out your dreams and that in its self is amazing. Perhaps the combination of the two and also understanding how that must feel...Love you and i knew you'd be great. Also for you to give yourself on the whole positive feedback that is also making me emotional as you are often your worst critic, you go sis, i need some of that nlp! x x x

Dianna Broeren said...

And I never doubted you wouldn't be fantastic for a minute :)


Combat Girl said...

YAY for Shar!!!

Oh it sounds like you rocked on stage, of course i knew you would!!

It is through your hard work and the love for what you do, that put you up on that stage. Proud of you and you are a wonderful role model.

Be proud of yourself!!

Love CG


Combat Girl said...




Slyde said...

congrats! sounds like you kicked some ass!

Katie said...

Well done you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tara said...

Congrats on your efforts from the weekend Shar, that enthusiasm is infections ;o)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY for today aswell. Hope u have a wonderful day.

Tara xx

( . )( . ) said...

I remember when you were going for your first comp, seems like you have grown and blossomed so so much since then.

I think I say this nearly every comment I leave, but you truly are an inspiration to me! You make me want to put shoes on and run to the gym, and better myself in all ways.