Friday, August 29, 2008

The best birthday ever.....

...........was had by me on Tuesday. I spent the day with Maddison, Paul and Bryce when he finished school. I didn't work or teach any classes.

My day went something like this......
Woke up, went for my run which I love, came home had cards and pressies with everyone, Paul went to work, had breakfast with kids, Bryce to school then got Maddison ready for her 1st ever sports day - Mini Olympics.

Spent the morning with Paul, watching Maddi take part in all the mini olympic games, to say she was in her element is an understatment.

We then stayed at school and had a picnic lunch with her.
Went to Hilary's Boat Harbour, had a coffee, walked around the shops, Maddi loves to see the boats etc.
Came home, chilled out and fell asleep on the sofa, ended up asleep for one and a half hours!
Got up and got Maddi ready for her 1st school disco! (picture of me and maddi below)

Spent the evening all together.
What a day, I so enjoyed being with my husband and babies all day long.
I got some earrings, some cash and two more MOMIJI DOLLS to add to my collection.
Here's a picture of them

They each have a name, a piece telling you what they like and a message.
The one with the cup cake was the one Maddi picked for me she is called PIXIE, she likes ESCAPOLOGY and CUPS OF TEA and her message is - ' your a cup cake pixie from a magic land'.
The other was sent over by my sis, she is called MIKA, she likes SPIDERMAN and NEW YORK and her message is - 'Mika knows that city sundaes make for fundays'.
I think I have 12 now, I love em'.
The rest of the week has been busy, I had a big 'come down' on Monday after my presenting stint and the rest of the quarterly workshops on Sunday.
Now the footy season has finished, Bryce has started his long process of orthodontic work this morning and is in a bit of pain but being brave, I hate it and feel awful.
Work is full on, learning the new chorie and in club launches starting next week. I LOVE LAUNCHING!!!!!! and OMG BODYATTACK IS ROCKIN!!!!
I'm Launching at Myaree on Saturday - Bodyvive and Bodybalance, Innaloo on Sunday - Bodyattack, Subiaco on Tuesday - Bodyattack, Balga on Thursday - Bodyvive. Plus all my non launch classes in between.
LOVIN MY WORK, as usual.
Have a great weekend.
Shar x


little rene said...

Congratulations on your recent career achievements Shar!

That is the cutest thing ever! Seeing little Maddi competing! I can imagine that I am going to LOVE events like these in the future!

They are pretty cool dolls. I am always interested in other people's collections because of my Dinosaur Designs obssession. I always wonder why we are driven to just LOVE a particular object so much that we have to have lots of them?

Hilary said...

Belated happy birthday Shar!!!

Sounds like you had a lovely day with the family. Those little dolls are gorgeous!

Hilary xx

Jadey said...

Happy Birthday Shar, sounds like you are really enjoying your work, it's always lovely to read your posts! Go you hot thing, looking forward to seeing you competing again soon!

Jadey xx

LizN said...

Happy Birthday Shar :)

ss2306 said...

Hi Shar

Thanks for your post on my blog.

Could you email me photos of the kini to

Thanks heaps

Ali said...

Sorry I missed you Birthday!!!

Hope it was great!! sounds like it was.

have a wonderful week i love the pic of Maddi running!!