Sunday, August 17, 2008

What floats your boat?

I had the best class today, my regular 9.30am BODYATTACK had 37 people all up for their class and we were rocking!!!

I do think it has to be your thing to enjoy BODYATTACK and as with all Group Fitness Classes you need a great instructor, especially a motivating one in BODYATTACK because for the general public its a hard class intensity wise.
Here's the official blurb about the class
that makes me .......... WANT TO GO TO WORK!! :)

BODYATTACK is the sports-inspired cardio workout for building strength and stamina. This high-energy interval training class combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilization exercises. Dynamic instructors and powerful music motivate everyone towards their fitness goals - from the weekend athlete to the hard-core competitor!

A Typical Class
is designed around a 55-minute two-peak format with 11 music tracks and exercises to challenge cardio fitness and stamina.
1. Warmup
The focus is on big, simple aerobic moves to get your body warm.
2. Mixed Impact
An increasing range of moves and footstrikes in this track ensure that you are ready for the aerobic action ahead.
3. Aerobic
Step up the intensity and range of movement and get into your personal training ‘zone’ ahead of the peak track to follow.
4. Plyometric
This is where the class hits its first intensity peak, putting your body under load through quick-fire plyometric exercises often used in sports training.
5. Upper Body Conditioning
Time to slow it down, recover and build strength. The focus here is on shoulders, chest, triceps and core conditioning work for toning and shaping the upper body.
6. Running
Loosen up again with some free and patterned running and get those legs ready to fire again.
7. Agility
Test your speed and agility with a big mix of moves and have fun with some class interaction.
8. Interval
Challenge your cardio systems with a series of work-recovery blocks.
9. Power
Time to dig deep and push yourself through powerful moves for maximum effort. Enjoy the group dynamic that is at the heart of BODYATTACK™.
10. Lower Body Conditioning
Let the heart rate settle while conditioning the lower body for great shape, condition and tone.
11. Cooldown
Time to recover and stretch.

I have absolutely no doubt that if you hate cardio-ing alone and like a group setting your limits will be pushed, fitness increased and calories burnt (approx 600-700 per class) enough to include BODYATTACK as your cardio session.
Give it a go and let me know what you think?

Have a fantastic Sunday, Shar x


Michelle said...

I love, love, love Body Attack!

LizN said...

Dear Shar,

I know exactly what you're on about - had a rocking RPM class this morning as well. It's so great being able to inspire others to become fitter.

Liz ;)

Anonymous said...

You sound positively bodyattack crazy Shar. But I love your energy and find it really refreshing.

Thank you. :o)

Lia xxx

Sam D-M said...

Hi Shardio,

I will be attacking with you at the quarterlies, cant wait!


( . )( . ) said...

Oh I have tried alot of the others and never actually made a body attack but I think you might just have inspired me!