Thursday, June 18, 2009

MY NEWS - Baby number 3!!!!

Yep that's right, Paul and I are expecting!!
I am very early on so we are hoping for the best, but all being well baby number 3 is due on Feb 23rd 2010. We couldn't wait to tell the kids and our families, we are just so excited.

It is all a bit surreal for me, we started hinting to each other, hinting turned to talking about it, talking turned to discussing, discussing made the decision and all along we both knew it was the right thing for us and our already gorgeous family.

I have had a deep feeling we would have another for a while but felt we were so lucky to have the two healthy kids we have that I should just be happy with that, but you know what, this is definitely meant to be.

As I said above the decision was made, I happened to be ovulating, wham, bam, thank you mam, here I sit, missed my period, falling in the first month, docs today to confirm, 4 1/2 weeks preggers. WHAT A BLESSING.

The gap this time isn't quite the 8 years between Bryce and Maddi, it will be 6 years between Maddi and new baby, but for Bryce it will be 14!!!!! He is very pleased, he wanted another addition and I'm sure he will be a very protective Big Brother.
I'm just lucky that due to having Bryce young and Maddi reasonably so, at 32 I'm still young enough to have a third.

So my blog will change focus a little!! But I promise to try and keep it related to the Fitness Lifestyle and not make it boring old preggers stuff all the time.

So please join my on this next phase as I travel through - Shar's Fit Pregnancy, YAYYYY!!!!!!


Vicki said...

Hi Shar,

Congratulations on your awesome news!! That is so exciting :) Here's to a happy, healthy next 249 days!


PS: Hi Shar, I'm Vicki...been following your blog for a little while but never commented :)

Kek said...

Congratulations Shar! That's fantastic news. :o)

I remember having the same will we-won't we thoughts and discussions about number 3, and then the decision was taken out of our hands (oops!). We have NEVER regretted it.

How wonderful for you!

Alicia said...

Congrats Shar! I know how you feel about being so excited - there's still heaps of people that we havent told yet :) they will find out pretty soon! Hope your morning sickness isnt too bad xoxo

Hilary said...

Congratulations on your very exciting news Shar!!! Cant wait to follow the new journey!

Hilary xx

Maryanne said...

Congratulations Shar. This is such exciting news. Looking forward to following your journey. xxx

Shar said...

Thanks Vicki and thanks for leaving a comment.

Hey Kek, it was a bit like that for a while, but we both just came out with thte final yes on the same day, very bizarre.

Alicia, looking forward to following your exciting journey too. You must be looking forward to your scan!

Hilary - yes it is very exciting, Thanks for your congratulations

Maryanne - Thank you, looking forward to the end of your journey. Keep blogging if you feel well enough.


Frankie said...

Awww.congratulations guys that's such fantastic news. Gosh I bet it's really different this time round, especially with two extra helpers! I have a feeling you are going to really enjoy it (((hugs))))

TiarnaH said...


That is soooo wonderful, I look foward to following your progression. Oh its making me clucky!!

Valley Girl said...

Awesome news Shar, I had my 3 & last at 32yrs & seriously enjoyed it more, was MORE relaxed & stress free & just enjoyed the journey...

...Happy dance 4 you...
Babies are a blessing!

jodie said...

Congrats Shar! That is fantastic. I am so excited for you and your family, hope all goes well. And don't worry about the boring ol' preggers stuff, I like reading it :) My little man is 4 weeks old today, which I can't believe.
Take care

LizN said...

congratulations Shar and best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy!

Liz N

ss2306 said...

Congratulations Shar. What wonderful news. Hope you are keeping well and not suffering morning sickness.

MISS TANK said...

OMG - how dare you not include sex in your calorie burning for the past couple of months - LOL LOL LOL shit i crack myself up!

I read your blog and COULD NOT STOP SMILING.....Such beautiful beautiful news..........!!!!!

Massive congrats and look forward to following the journey xx

Magda said...

Congrats Shar. You and Paul are very lucky.

:-) Magda

Kelly and Kane said...

Congrats Shar, I love reading about pregnancy stuff!!! My old blog is going to be all about wedding planning soon :)

SeLiNa said...

Awww congratulations Shar!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you and Paul! So I guess that marathon is off the cards for this year huh!!! ;)
All the best for a healthy pregnancy!!

Splice said...

This is fabulous news!! I am completely stoked for you.
Wishing you a very happy and healthy pregnancy, eat well and laugh alot!
Deb xxx

Lia Halsall said...

Congrats Shar, I'm happy for you. I'll be sure to pop back from time to time to see how your pregnancy progresses. xxx

Jadey 0:-) said...

Huge congratulations Shar!

Top End Girl said...

Congrats Shar, that's fantastic. Only 32, still a spring chicken, young and healthy. Enjoy.