Sunday, June 21, 2009


Vicki, Kek, Alicia, Hilary, Maryanne, Frankie, Tiarna, Valley Girl, Jodie, Liz , Shelley, Fern, Magda, Kelly, Selina and Deb.............
THANK YOU so much for all your congrats and best wishes for my baby news.

We are still of course over the moon and will stay that way all the way through and beyond no doubt, as the miracle of pregnancy just continues once the baby has been born.

I plan on starting to log my day to day activity etc as a record of the pregnancy but have been so busy over the weekend it may have to wait until tomorrow or Tuesday.

Yesterday I did Bodyattack, came back, got Maddi ready for gymnastics, went to look at Carpets - which was an experience to say the least as I can't stand being sold to!, came back had the carpet measure guy come round, made the carpet decision, got dinner, by the time we had all this done and Maddi to bed it was later than normal and I have another cold so am feeling pants, so we just chilled on the sofa then went to bed.

Today I was up early to go and open Fitness First so Les Mills can do a training module there, come home, just had breakfast, going to teach Bodyattack, get back, super duper quick shower and change to go watch my boy play footy, hoping they notch up another win, then lunch and some down time this arvo.

Have a great Sunday and Thanks again to all those who commented on our amazing news!!

Shar x


Amy said...

I have just read your post!!

Congratulations Sharleen. That is fantastic news. I am so so happy for you!

RaeC said...

OMG!! Where have I been??? Hiding under a rock obviously!! Congratulations Shar... that is awesome news!! I am extremely excited for you honey xxx

Michelle said...

Congrats Shar!! How exciting!!


Gillian said...

Congratulations Shar, that is really good news!! Your baby is so fortunate to have such loving, caring parents. All the best for your pregnancy:)

Alicia said...

I dont know whether its a preggo thing, but I got a cold shortly after finding out too. My sister was the same. Weird!

Mightee Mouse said...

Congrats!!! Fantastic news, wow 3!!! I have trouble keeping up with just 1 LOL, enjoy, I'm sure you're glowing!!