Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekly Report - Week 1

So one week down and Saturday saw me weigh, take measurements and skinfolds.
I am pleased to report the bloat has left the building! Stats are logged on my sidebar to the right, i'll keep a running total there.

Feeling great, started off not being able to finish the food I was allocated, then went to feeling just right, then towards the end of week 1 felt hungry, so when I told Di I might have to eat my toes, she decided that really wasn't a good thing and when I got my plan updated on Saturday it had a whole extra meal on!!! YAY.

Exercise and training all good. After training on Monday with Paul I was so sore in my back!

I have been highly stressed this week, learning the new choreography for the launches on the weekend. I had to Launch Bodyattack on my own on Saturday then teach tht enew BB straight after, but now it done I feel heaps better.
I just have to Launch Bodyvive into one of our south clubs today, but I already know that as its the programme I present for Les mills.

Public Holiday here, Paul and i will probably take the kids to the park for some fresh air and a blow out, maybe even Kings Park in the city.

Focus for the week -
1) Sleep
2) Plan week ahead and work efficiently in all areas.

hope you all have a good one
shar x

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Rebecca said...

Hi Shar,

I love reasing your blog, you are always setting yourself new challenges and achieving them.

I have been sick but am feeling a lot better now. I need to get my butt moving more!!! Your fitness is just so inspiring. Do you think that is the key to weight loss? Exercising every single day? I really need to make this a priority from now on....